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Using the mcxnow API?

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[Not sure if best subforum for this, but...]


Has any mincoiner tried working with the API for the mcxnow.com exchange? What's the request response time like? Any reviews?


I'm not super experienced with programming, but I have the book-learning and it seems a simple enough project that I might try my hand with some sort of mcxnow trading assistant bot.

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What do you want to use the API for?  AKA, what do you want to do and what data do you want?


Well, as far as I can tell all the mcxnow API only allows three functions: get orderbook, add trade, and cancel trade. https://mcxnow.com/api.html


So, of course what I'd be using it for is viewing (and analyzing) the orderbooks, adding trades, and canceling trades.

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