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[DEAD] -- [ANN][POOL]Newbiepool stratum vardif

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[MOD: This link is currently dead, and the poster PesiHUN has stated elsewhere that the pool is no longer mining MNC anyway. I'll just leave this post for now, but be aware that this is not apparently active any longer. --necom]



Hi guys, i want to show u my pool: http://newbiepool.szimre.net

We are started this pool not a long time ago, we found our first block 2 days ago. Im looking for guys who can help me start this pool run normaly.

What can i give for u:




fast payout

helpfull support team

1% fee

Edited by necom
Link dead and pool apparently closed.. adding notice.

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I'm just going to close this thread, as I'm seeing in another thread that this poster has claimed the pool has changed away from MNC mining to something else.


...is that what "PROP" is? Another coin?  ...I don't know. That URL is dead as of today anyway, so thread locked and I'll post a note about the dead link in the OP.


Hooray, moderating!

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