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With great pleasure, we would like to Officially Announce The Re-Launch Of MinCoin.

For those who have never heard about MinCoin, below are the specifications:

Launched: April 03, 2013
Type: POW Scrypt
Supply: 10 million; or half the supply of BTC
Speed: 1 minute
Retarget: 60 blocks
Reward: 2 coins per block
Reduction: None
Premined: Zero Premine
Fees: 0.01 MNC optional fee

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Tools

Blockchain Explorer
CoinMill Exchange Rate Calculator
Cryptocoin Charts
Mining Calculator

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Community

MinCoin Official Forum
MinCoin IRC Channel (#MinCoin on irc.freenode.net)
MinCoin on Reddit
BitCoinTalk.org Thread

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Information

MinCoin Wiki

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Merchants

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Media Mentions


MinCoin Volume Surge

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Downloads

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Exchanges

Cryptsy (MNC/BTC)


izCNW5s.pnginCoin Pools

Awesome Mining
P2Pool (ru)
Lurk More

Sample .conf file (mincoin.conf)

rpcport=[port number]

* Nodes are hardcoded in the wallet.



We have been working really hard preparing for this re-launch. We have worked on many projects to add more value to the coin users and supporters.

Below are some of the hottest updates for MinCoin.

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Website

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Forum

izCNW5s.pnginCoin On Social Media

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Wallet

izCNW5s.pnginCoin Merchant Tools

Plus many more to come..

MinCoin is a derivative of the Litecoin code, and Litecoin really is just a clone of Bitcoin.
What separates MinCoin from both of those is it takes the best of both and it combines them into one crypto-commodity/currency.

Whether Bitcoin supporters want to believe it or not, Bitcoin is a commodity not a currency and as with commodities what really drives value is limited supply/creation.
With MinCoin only having 10 millions total coins to ever be produced compared to 21 millions for Bitcoin, it is pretty easy to see which one is more rare.

"To empower people with the ability to govern their finances by enabling them with a superior method of wealth storage, wealth transfer and a mobile payment solution currency not available within today's banking system and the outdated infrastructure it supports." - Mission Statement, MinCoin Dev Team

Become a part of our growing community and start using MinCoin.us
and download our all-new wallet now.





mincoin, the 1 minute coin                                                mincoin, only 10million to be made                                                               mincoin, the #1 crypto-commodity 

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UPDATED AS OF 3/7/2014


*Mincoin.io Pool: http://pool.mincoin.io/

*Snow Leopard's Hashery (Canada)http://mincoin.x1z.net

*Vircur Pool: http://mnc.vircurpool.com/
*P2Pool: http://p2pool.org:5643/static/
*Crypto-Mining: https://www.crypto-mining.com
*MultiPool: https://www.multipool.us/
*P2Pool(RUS): http://p2pool.ru:9300/static/
*New Pools:
I would test these out myself but I don't have time today if**
If somebody has time before i get to it just post if working and ill update this and the wiki.

* (working/legit STATUS: (Not Confirmed)
*wekTheBestPlaza: http://thebestplaza.com  (working/legit STATUS: Not Confirmed)

*scrypt.in(RUS): http://mnc.scrypt.in ''(Needs update)''
*AwesomeMining: http://mnc.awesomemining.co.uk/ ''(down)''

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