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MinCoin, The Ideal Candidate For A Long Term CryptoCommodity Project.

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The 2880 coins a day is so great, at current prices it only takes 1.5 BTC a day to support it.


Imagine if only 10 BTC a day started being invested, the price rise would be massive.

Still a small market indeed, if we need a bump in the price of it, perhaps we will need to wait for more whales :)

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^^^ Agreed...not really into bitcoins, but mincoins are just awesome.

+10  I think Mincoin has the highest potential out of all the Alt Crypto-currencies, behind lightcoin and maybe even more than that!

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MinCoin (Min is short for minimalist) has CPU/GPU based scrypt mining 1 minute blocks. Only 10 million MinCoins will be produced. Only 2880 MinCoins are mined each day for the next 10 years. A low total amount of coins and fast blocks make MinCoin an ideal candidate for a long term crypto commodity prospect.


    You're right.


    Of these, the scarcity is the most attractive attribute.


    I say, "The best coin will be the first one to become precious."

    We will only get there after the simulation ends and all of the MinCoins have been distributed.



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