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Princeton University Studies MinCoin

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Princeton University technology students recently conducted and published several studies on digital commodities. MinCoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin where just a few that received focus and attention. Only a select few Altcoins were used in this digital commodity study, one of which being MinCoin. Looking at simple blockchain data along with price fluctuations and transaction volume Princeton University technology students attempt to draw several measured conclusions about coin generation, origin and the players involved in certain market movements. You can watch the video presentation of this study here: Princeton Studies MinCoin [2nd video].


Although some of their conclusions were inaccurate and lacked supporting data it is interesting to see just how much you can find out about a digital commodity such as MinCoin just by analyzing blockchain data.






MinCoin, The Digital Commodity For Today's Advanced World

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Kinda crazy that Mincoin was included in that study. Congrats to you guys! Pretty impressive.

I am still looking to buy some Mincoin before it hits an exchange. If anyone is interested in selling me some

please send me a PM with an offer!


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