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What services do you want to be done in MNC?


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FPGA would be sick, but I'm both excited and weary of the day when scrypt ASIC miners appear in force, as SHA-256 ASICs exist today.  I personally know several people who each own between 1 and 16 ASICs mining at ~500-600 GH/s (for SHA-256).  While I agree that video cards are just not efficient enough, that's only true if ASICs exist.  As soon as 10 people are running ASICs for one coin at 25,000KH/s each, the network hash rate will be so high that the difficulty will increase radically, which is why right now is such an important time to be smart with your GPU scrypt mining and what coins you pick.


But game dev would be awesome as well.  Any computer dev actually.


I think Scrypt ASICs are pretty cost prohibitive, because even if the amount of design hours were the same as the SHA-256 ASIC, the amount of specialized RAM required to run Scrypt meaningfully is SUPER expensive lol.


I know of a few scrypt FPGAs in existence, but their owners have demonstrated worse performance on an FPGA than even a CPU. The bottlenecks are with RAM interfacing for sure, which is something that few people in the world have the time and skill to do right now.


However, I think that FPGAs are rapidly becoming the future to hard computation problems as their price drops many fold from just a few years ago. Much like solar panels, they are becoming the cheap, resource conscious way to solve problems.


Further, mining scrypt to me makes more sense than SHA-256. SHA is a dinosaur algorithm these days, so much so that Bitcoin has had to scale network difficulty to astronomical heights to compensate for how fast devices can hash it. It was also created by the Department of Defense...


Scrypt however relies on 1024 rounds of the scrambling function Salsa20, which was made by the literal computer wizard Dan J Bernstein. If anything, we should mine scrypt as a testament as to how good of a function Salsa20 is. It brings recognition to one of the best cryptographers in the world who is also actively promoting the public's interest in cryptography over the government's.

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--Amazon gift cards or Newegg gift cards (insert big name retailer).


--Pay for hosting services


--Online content such as Steam




--Buy Apple products.  Dell products.  Samsung products.


--Fastfood of any kind.  Pizzas, burgers, chicken, icecream, doughnuts.


--Buy gasoline :-)

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Hi Joseph,


    I would like to be able to by O'Reilly books.

    It would be nice to buy gourmet coffee.


    Train tickets, gasoline, paper products, shipping fees from UPS or FedEx or DHL.

    Electronic cigarette juice and accessories.


    Essentially, consumables for the win.



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On 10/2/2013 at 5:11 PM, sdf said:
On 10/2/2013 at 10:41 AM, SuperTramp said:

mycketbra, GREAT thread! :D


Some things I would like to see supported in the MinCoin Economy:


-Shared hosting plans payable in MinCoin

 --Dedicated server hosting would be nice as well


-Ability to buy other (physical) commodities(gold & silver) with MinCoin


-Pre-Paid visa cards


-Ebay/bitmit type service


just to name a couple :)

Hi Supertramp!

Yes that all sounds great, especially because most involve little overhead and quick expansion opportunities- cost of bookkeeping services for small business. The ones with more of a physical dependency (servers and hosting) would probably require us to track down someone who is doing it already with BTC. The rest require $$ (visa) and/or a few dedicated developers (ebay). What is your opinion on the Visa cards specifically? In the US I think the tax situation for that business would be slightly confusing. I would buy the cards and pay sales tax on them, ship them to my "friends" as gifts who I happened to meet online through my site, and I just so happened to be paid in bits of data.

Do you think I would be required to pay "income tax" on the declared value of the coins if I end up exchanging them for BTC/USD?


1 - simple gambling & dice games

2 - pay for VPS with MNC

3 - Ripple gateway issuing MNC IOUs


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On 7/22/2019 at 5:33 AM, Torros said:


1 - simple gambling & dice games

2 - pay for VPS with MNC

3 - Ripple gateway issuing MNC IOUs


Hi Torros,

    You can find the games over at cryptobetfair.com.

    We are looking for a new VPN/VPS vendor accepting mincoins.

    Tell me more about these ripple gateways or how an IOU in cryptocurrency should work.

Best Regards,


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