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  3. Are you a full time worker with intent to make money concentrating on your regular job? Akrocoin offers investment programs you can key in to make extra income. As an Akrocoin user, you easily earn up to 48% profit per month in their lending program. Other programs you can earn from are; mining program, staking program, and POW algorithm (reward). Akrocoin’s ICO runs from 15th December 2017 to 7th January 2018. During Pre-Sale they offer a bonus of 15% for early investors. Register at https://akrocoin.com to start making money.
  4. MinCoin.us Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Channel | Reddit |Google+ The.MinCoin.Project.White-Paper.pdf With great pleasure, we would like to Officially Announce An Update To The MinCoin Project! *Mandatory Wallet Upgrade* A Hard Fork was activated at block 1452840 which occurred early morning on Thursday, September 28th. We are excited to deliver this network upgrade which includes the following new features and introduces Mincoin v0.8.8. Difficulty Adjustment by Dark Gravity Wave v3 Mined Mincoins Fully Mature at 300 Confirmations Significantly Reduced Transaction Fees More Space in Each Block For zero/low-fee Transactions Larger Orphan Transaction Memory Pool Reduced Mininum Input Size to 25 Micro-Mincoins Full Service IPv4, IPv6 and Tor Seeds Fully Functional Testnet New Checkpoint Alert System Restored 100% Overhaul of Mincoin Code -Upgrade To The Latest Version [v0.8.8.0] Of The MinCoin Wallet- Previous Versions Of The MinCoin Wallet Will No Longer Be Supported!! For those who have never heard about MinCoin, below are the specifications: Launched: April 03, 2013 Proof-Of-Work: Scrypt Supply: 10 Million Coins Speed: 1 minute Difficulty Adjustment: Dark Gravity Wave v3 Subsidy: 2 MNC/Block Reduction: None Premined: Zero Premine Transaction Confirmation: 6 Full Maturity For Mined Blocks: 300 Confirmations MinCoin Tools Informational video CoinMill Exchange Rate Calculator MinCoin Block Crawler MinCoin Paper Wallet Generator MinCoin Block Explorer MinCoin P2Pool MinCoin Community MinCoin Official Forum MinCoin IRC Channel (#MinCoin on irc.freenode.net) MinCoin on Reddit BitCoinTalk.org Thread MinCoin Wiki MinCoin Merchants CryptoBetFair Gaming MinCoin Exchanges TradeSatoshi.com MinCoin Downloads Source Code (Github) Windows Wallet (.zip) Linux Wallet (.zip) Mac OSX Wallet (.zip) * Android Wallet is currently being developed! Sample .conf file (mincoin.conf) listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=[username] rpcpassword=[password] rpcconnect= # Optional Recommendations # Uncomment to Activate timeout=1500 txindex=1 rpcthreads=32 shrinkdebugfile=0 dbcache=256 * Nodes are hardcoded in the wallet. We have been working really hard preparing for this re-launch, working on many projects to add more value to the coin users and supporters. Below are some of the hottest updates for MinCoin. New MinCoin Website MinCoin On Social Media MinCoin Wallet MinCoin Merchant Tools Plus many merchants to come.. MinCoin is a derivative of the Litecoin code, and Litecoin really is just a clone of Bitcoin. What separates MinCoin from both of those is it takes the best of both and it combines them into one crypto-commodity/currency. Whether Bitcoin supporters want to believe it or not, Bitcoin is a commodity not a currency and as with commodities what really drives value is limited supply/creation. With MinCoin only having 10 millions total coins to ever be produced compared to 21 millions for Bitcoin, it is pretty easy to see which one is more rare. By late September 2017, 78.9% of all Bitcoins have already been distributed, but in Mincoin - our flat emission cycle leaves 61.8% of the total Mincoin still uncirculated. "To empower people with the ability to govern their finances by enabling them with a superior method of wealth storage, wealth transfer & a mobile payment solution currency not available within today's banking system & the outdated infrastructure it supports." - Mission Statement, MinCoin Dev Team Become a part of our growing community and start using MinCoin. Go to MinCoin.us and download our all-new wallet now. MinCoin.us MinCoin has a new home. Stop by and check it out >>https://www.mincoinforum.com *Below is the original release thread/post details* I'm sure many of you have noticed that MinCoin has been having some issues with our Difficulty re-target causing a lot of instability in MNC network hashrate, Transaction Confirmation times and overall mining profitability compared to other coins. Today we have made a change to that Difficulty re-target in an effort to help create a more stable network hashrate and to also help stabilize the 1min block/confirm target. This should also help with mincoin mining profitability from a stability standpoint. However, this does require a mandatory update to the mincoin qt client and daemon for all miners and pool operators. We request that everyone upgrade prior to block 75000 as that is the target block for the new Difficulty re-target of 60blocks to take effect. Thanks again for your continued support. I think this change will help benefit everyone involved with this project. Announcing MinCoin! If you weren't an early adopter for BitCoin or LiteCoin here is your chance to become one for the fastest coin out there! https://github.com/SandyCohen/mincoin **Latest github: https://github.com/vipah/mincoin Windows 32bit binary: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36733610/mincoin/mincoin.zip MinCoin (MNC) - a minimalist version of Bitcoin optimized for CPU mining using scrypt as a proof of work scheme. *Only 10 million coins total will be generated *1 minute block targets for ultra fast transactions *To encourage early adoption block values for first 3 days are :- 500 MNC, 100 MNC, 50 MNC *After first 3 days block value will be 2 MNC per block until all coins mined which will take roughly 10 years *Difficulty Retarget Every 60 Blocks Mining started at 12:21 UTC April 3, 2013 and was announced on IRC and the WWW not long after. There is no premine! Getting Started: Solo mining: Run mincoin.exe or compile the source from github. It should close down immediately after not finding a valid config file. -Go to %appdata%\mincoin directory and create a file called mincoin.conf . In this file add two lines rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass Then save the file. Now run mincoin.exe again.Run CGMINER and point it to with the username of "user" and password of "pass" If you use CGMINER set the flag "--expiry 1" option to make sure you avoid stales, ie cgminer --scrypt -o -u user -p pass --expiry 1
  5. When we talk about upcoming ICOs, there are few that live up to our expectations, but BasilCoin is certainly one doing that. BasilCoin is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or the government. With no middlemen or other institutions for processing transactions. BasilCoin is a kind of opportunity that comes rare with options like Lending, Staking, Mining, and trading available, it is meant to make life easy for all involved! We can invest BasilCoin in their lending platform from our Dashboard, it will allow us profits from the BasilCoin volatility software, and it is designed to buy/sell BasilCoin automatically. We will be able to receive profits daily, so that makes it such an amazing opportunity, and that is not to be missed one! With the ICO sale starting in next 3 days, it will be the opportunity to be part of the modern future where there will be an advanced solution for global money transaction!
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  10. There are endless upcoming ICOs out there, but very few worth remembering and worth mentioning. GoldenAge is above all those with having everything that you could wish to see! GoldenAge Coin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed to provide investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education, where it’s completely possible to find the independence we all wish and desire for. With GoldenAge, it is indeed a golden opportunity for us to invest in them. They allow us to do Lending with having up to 45%, Staking, Trading, Team Builder onus up to $1000, Affiliate program and the best part; it is their ICO Bonus, where we get 10% during purchase and 10% as a referral bonus. They also have ideal customer service, which is 24/7 active to help us through and are also available on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram! The Presale starts on 12th December, so it is an opportunity that is not to be missed, at any cost!
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  12. Blochchain review startup. ICO and cryptocurrency news in telegram channel https://t.me/blockchaininvestio . ICO calendar & review ICO. Cryptocurrency news. Blockchain startup reviews & reports. Lawyers&Traders analytics. Interview with founders.
  13. MinCoin On Discord !!

    It's moving. Glad to be a part of that community.
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  17. iFan provides a suitable platform for celebrity and fan engagement. It provides a secure platform for transactions to take place. It makes it possible to exchange payments, sell art products, buy tickets, purchase and sell digital products. iFan also offers TV channels, online shopping, Video, audio, digital library, social network, advertisement and news page. They are preparing for a presale in the next few days. For a platform with adequate security and quality features, investing in it wouldn’t be bad idea.
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