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  2. With ICOs coming like rain, it is very hard to decide but now with RainWallet, it is all going to be easy for you making the decisive decision. It’s built around the concept that makes the cryptocurrency revolution accessible to every person on this planet! With such global idea, it will uniformly distribute a smart contract wallet preloaded with self leveling tokens to populations that have previously been in economic circumstances below the threshold needed to take part in the blockchain economy. And, thanks to that it will enable people have access to technologies needed to enter the token marketplace, it will remove disadvantage that usually new entries have! The formula for this is simple and that’s about 100 tokens created for every wallet, but the point to note is that no tokens are sold instead we are would be buying smart contract! So with so many features and benefits, it is truly the way toward for the glorifying the future! So come forward and become part of this victory momentum http://rainwallet.com/
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  4. Living Off Digital Currencies....How Easy or Hard ?

    For starters, it is always a huge challenge but as you settle down and get experience, it is meant to get easier. But as I said, it is a time taking process and you just don’t expect this to happen overnight. I have recently started investing and trading on various Cryptos and investment in upcoming ICOs too are highly rewarding. I am really fond of Sphere, it is one of the best upcoming ICOs with path-breaking concept and their team is full of geniuses.
  5. Nothing seems impossible, at least not for Bitcoin. But we need to be very wise with these things and have multiple options to work out. The more options we leave for our self, it is better thing to do. Currently, I believe Upfiring is amongst the hottest thing and game changer! As they are the ultimate blockchain file-sharing platform, it’s an app that lets one earn cryptocurrency (UFR tokens) by sharing and seeding files (incentivized and decentralized file-sharing). In briefer thing, it’s this video that should help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R3UPGg3b18
  6. There is little to doubt on the importance of Social websites now. As the whole world is involved in it and everything is measured through it. However, with so many social sites from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Reddit and many others, it is very hard to choose between them. But now with Snapcoins, we have all features combined in one that helps you stay updated with the latest news and happening. While we can create our own stories or make comments on others story, so join one of the BEST platforms that give complete freedom to users to do whatever they wish! Join now https://snapycoins.com
  7. Vote To Have MinCoin Listed On TradeSatoshi.com !!

    MinCoin project is now in 2nd place, 6 hours of voting left! please support the project and vote for MinCoin to get listed on Tradesatoshi!
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  9. Please Go And Cast Your Vote To Get MinCoin Listed On TradeSatoshi.com TODAY!! Vote Here > https://tradesatoshi.com/Vote Thanks Again For All Your Support !!! MinCoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity!
  10. I have been part of various ICOs in last few years, whether as an investor or through bounty campaign, but I have seen NOTHING like Hope Token. 99.9% times, it is just about money when we talk about ICOs, but Hope Token is really exceptional. It is certainly an ICO, but as I said not the "routine one". Their whole mission is to help humanity especially those who might require financial assistance due to the medical condition, funeral, or disconnection of services. They are willing to handle any type of case with providing complete assistance. And, It is fair to say that such concept that revolves around Charities and Donation with helping each and every individual in need is not found elsewhere, at least not online. So having an ICO project for that is almost unthinkable, but that's what Hope Token is all about! They even allow the donor (us) to earn their (our) initial investment back to a dollar to dollar. So, let's join up to become part of the movement that will change our HEART, and Life of others! The ICO starts on 15th October, just a day away! Join the project that’s going rewrite history and will become the symbol of generosity, and will be remembered for decades to come! We can even get 50% bonus in the first week for the ICO sales. Check out their official site https://hopetokenfoundation.com/
  11. Celsius is the best decentralized Ethereum-based consumer peer-to-peer Credit Ecosystem designed just for us! They are developing something that is going to change everything and with the potential to reinvent how financial transactions are originated and recorded around the world. Celsius is a P2P decentralized credit protocol built on smart contract technology. With this technology, they are going to reinvent consumer credit and provide a platform for hundreds of millions of Millennials and GenX citizens to get affordable access to consumer credit! Well, so much to say about this spectacular project! Anyhow, what you guys say? I personally rate it very highly! And, it’s arguably amongst the most awaited ICOs right now….. Check it out https://celsius.network/
  12. Crypto industry as we all know has grown monstrously in last 3-4 years, it is all thanks to Bitcoin, but now times are changing and so are the options. Bitcoin is great but ideally suited for small investors. This is why we need to consider other options and there is no better project than Harvest Masternode Coin. As they are well decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries, which ensures lightning fast and secure truncation, multiple wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity. They are offering the BEST rewards of 80% of the Block! Which is highest amongst all other Masternode Coins, but the greatest advantage with them is that we become part of the team not just an investor. With such incredible option having 50% discount as well, it is fair to say future is bright!
  13. Cryptocurrency

    I really hate it when people get stuck into this is better or that is better! We can always go with multiple options; it is great to divide our investment instead of just one option. When we talk about investment, it is not about better or best, it is about good options. Even, if we talk about best, it is always about multiple options, not a single option. No successful investor in the world has become successful by just one route; it’s always about having various investments. I try to do just that, its why apart from BTC and ETH, I am investing on upcoming ICOs too and currently, this Sphere inspires me most with their breath-taking concept of decentralized social network, it can really challenge the Social mafia and can make history! I always wanted to be part of such inspiring and incredible projects.
  14. Check out our website for latest updates...
  15. New Exchange For MinCoin - Poll *Cast Your Vote*

    Exchange Voting Poll Is Now CLOSED! Thank You To All Members For Your Contribution!! Poll Results: Cryptopia - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz 28 Coinexchange - https://www.coinexchange.io 24 YoBit - https://yobit.net/en 21 Bleutrade - https://bleutrade.com 12 TradeSatoshi - https://tradesatoshi.com 9 Allcoin - https://allcoin.com 9
  16. Often people run around investment to seek opportunities that are high in potential and also hold weight in seriousness. But very rarely such opportunities are found. Not any longer, as now we have found hidden treasure in Licensium & Trusted Nodes! Although, they are not exactly HIDDEN, still an option that not a lot of people might be aware of! Licensium & Trusted Nodes are basically 2 Blockchain Based Crypto Projects that are meant to be exemplary for other ICOs. As both are very different, as Licensium adds monetization possibilities, copyright notice distribution, copyright owner identification and much more to digital content! And, Trusted Nodes is a decentralized technology that solves the problem of server based verification or identification processes down-time. So certainly worth investing on and the pre-sale is very near starting from 18.10.2017 and best part, it comes with 50% Bonus! If this is not the treasure then we will have to lock the topic of treasure!
  17. Nowadays, it is too common hearing about XYZ ICOs popping up and claiming to be the NEXT everything! But very few actually back it up and have a genuine approach to things. That’s why most of such ICOs are rubbed off right away and most are done in later stages, as they are only time killers. However, in between, there are many who are actually worthy and eligible to hold their heads high with having solid footing. One such name is Licensium & Trusted Nodes. Although, there are 2 stand-alone projects but running under one roof! There long pages of reasons for investment under them, when we talk about potential wise. But just on an upfront note, it’s to do with them been very solid and the professional way they are approaching things, it’s worth appreciating. I hear a lot of people say where is the time machine, so they can go back to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. I say to them, use the machine that you already got and that's your brain! At least, I am using it with selecting them and with just 10 days away (their presale starts on 18th October), I will certainly want people to make the decision that even their kids remember!
  18. New Exchange For MinCoin - Poll *Cast Your Vote*

    Only 24hrs Left To Vote !!!! MinCoin, The World's #1 Cryptocommodity.
  19. Where can i buy Mincoins?

    How much Mincoins you need. You can contact me by message.
  20. Do Mincoins better than bank cards like deMin or credit cards? I do wonder which is really better between using these two types of digital payment system for both sides of transactions as to: 1. speed; 2. reliability; and 3. security.
  21. Should we risk mining Mincoins ?

    No, It is safe and secure.
  22. Where can i buy Mincoins? Hi, Mincoiners! does anyone know where i can buy Mincoin with credit card or paypal at the lowest fees as possible... thanks!
  23. Should we risk mining Mincoins ? I will love to hear opinions from everyone, do you think its worth it? should we risk mining the cryptocurrency ?
  24. Is now the right time to buy some Mincoin?

    It is always the right time to buy Mincoin. I think it's still dipping though in wake of some very recent news so you might wanna wait just a little Min longer.
  25. Is now the right time to buy some Mincoin? Is the price is to low now?
  26. How did you first hear about Mincoin?

    Yeah, I first heard / read about Mincoin from a newspaper article and then around a year later a friend sent me one of my first Mincoins.
  27. Why Mincoin is better than Cash?

    Hi, @MusicoinTrader. You are right. So carry on.
  28. How did you first hear about Mincoin? Are you a Mincoin fan? Do you spend a lot of time on Mincoin? Reading news, trading, or even writing your own analysis. But how did you first hear about Mincoin? Is it some articles you read about? Or just from a friend who has traded Mincoin for a long time? Share your experience with us.
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