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  1. Where can i buy Mincoins? Hi, Mincoiners! does anyone know where i can buy Mincoin with credit card or paypal at the lowest fees as possible... thanks!
  2. Mincoin is awesome! it's the worlds best altcoin. I like it very much.
  3. GoldGate investment opportunities GOLDGATE (BGG) aims to create a lending platform built on trust and reputation with the Ethereum ecosystem.that comes with: Goldgate InvestmentLending OpportunityTrading OpportunityBounty program Click https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to register todayWhat is GoldGate?Goldgate is encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers. It employs the highly secure peer-to-peer network operating under the blockchain protocol. This makes all transactions safe and anonymous to all our users. An innovative solution which provide user with a simpler, safer and faster method to access to the transaction. People from all fields can earn benefit of GOLD GATE for their own sake. GOLD GATE is built to act as an digital currency that can meet the highest modern technology criterion, but also become the most user friendly currency. Our innovative and intuitive model accommodates easy to use our system without any hassle. Our management team commit to follow the road map to increase the value of GOLD GATE and promote it to become leading coin in the global market.Click here to read our whitepaper https://goldgate.io/whitepaper/Our goal is to widely publicize the GOLDGATE (BGG) to the public, in order to provide a greater opportunity for people looking to get into the e-money market at a competitive price.GOLDGATE intends to issue GOLDGATE tokens to people who want to own them before GOLDGATE (BGG) is released in the open marketFor businesses or individuals who join GOLDGATE systems with the goal of making a successful investment, GOLDGATE is viewed as a great chance to have the privilege to get the best profits and they will see financial growth.Click https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to SIGN UP today. Goldgate is different from other ICOsGoldgate is an ambitious project.Relative to current ICOs, MLMs, Goldgate helps to create a level playing field with great advantagesClick https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to Sign Up today. Why should you start with Goldgate (BGG)?Wide-choice with great investment opportunitiesLending packages are available in ICO duration BGG Exchange developmentAnonymity & Immutability, security, fast & low costClear & high interest rateNo tax, no inflationBGG is not controlled & interrupted by third-partyClick https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to Sign Up today.
  4. I like MinCoin very much than other altcoin.. I hope future of mincoin is very good.
  5. Here MinCoin is being discussed 4 years ago! wow, this coin is one of the worlds original AltCoins! https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/feathercoin-interview-with-peter-bushnell-1376355117/
  6. Here is an updated link with the MinCoin Cryptocurrency Princeton University study https://www.mincoin.us/mincoin-princeton-university-study/
  7. For the more technical people on the MinCoin Forum, here is MinCoin's official Github page. https://github.com/mincoin/mincoin You can download the clients code and compile it on your home machine if you are a linux user!
  8. I just downloaded the mincoin wallet, wow this coin is way faster than bitcoin and litecoin! MinCoin for the Win!
  9. Thanks for Mincoins! People saw HOPE in our economy. Very Big Deep Impact! Mincoin is very popular today because it is the first crypto currency creating big impact in our economy and people will not forget its legacy in the world. Even in our community, Mincoin became the main concern of the people. They started researching and studying about Mincoins. They are very willing to invest their resources for Mincoins.
  10. Does anybody know if Cryptopia will list MinCoin soon? I saw a press release saying that MinCoin is getting listed on a trading exchange soon!
  11. For those who already have income from Mincoin, what is your dream after the success of Mincoin world, share each other let others know about your dream.
  12. I am interested in Mincoin. I have heard the name Mincoin lots. Should I invest In Mincoin?
  13. What you prefer Mincoin or Money? Mincoin was actually money that was just made digital ,perhaps you are referring to fiat , well I love Mincoin but fiat was much more comfortable to use especially when buying goods but when it comes to investing I will surely go to Mincoins.
  14. Is it better to invest in Mincoin or ethereum ? For long term purpose, which is better to invest in , Mincoin or Ethereum ? Lets discuss that .
  15. The advantages of Mincoin: For me, Mincoin has many advantages, one advantage is it gives to the individual money to sustain the basic needs, It also reduce the increasing number of unemployed in some countries.
  16. Hey, if I buy Mincoin, how can I use in in my day to day life? or it is just a virtual coin for speculation?
  17. What is the Mincoin function for you? What is the Mincoin function for you? As currency? As an investment? or other? What is the reason?
  18. Is the Mincoin a digital currency or a digital good? Just a question I don't know. Is the Mincoin a digital currency or a digital good?
  19. I know the typical business type on the market are : => Exchange => Blog => Lending => Trading => Freelance job in Mincoin
  20. Is Mincoin really secure? Recently I introduced Mincoin and cryptocurrency to my friends and family,they liked the concept but they asked me a question that I wasn't able to answer.Is Mincoin really secure?
  21. Why Mincoin is better than Cash? Look at the benefits of Mincoin: * Works online 100%, 100%transparent for private and commercial use. Total control of private or public money for it's holder or holders, investors, governments etc. * As It's works online there no need of expensive steel safes or bank deposits to keep your money safe. Any password or time code can be used. * No fees. Unlike cash, hasn't 2%-3% of inflation every single year. * Accepted for Food Shopping & Micro payments via electronic card. * 0 confermations time, with introduction of "instant pay" function. * 0 exchange risks in use of proper securities and competent insurance. * any entrepreneurs is able to understanding of the value of payment.
  22. How did you first hear about Mincoin? Are you a Mincoin fan? Do you spend a lot of time on Mincoin? Reading news, trading, or even writing your own analysis. But how did you first hear about Mincoin? Is it some articles you read about? Or just from a friend who has traded Mincoin for a long time? Share your experience with us.
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