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Found 1 result

  1. ICOList.guru provide a contest for the best reviews of ICO projects The author of each review will get 0.025 ETH. In addition, we will pay 0.3 ETH for the top 20 reviews. Rules: IMPORTANT! Do not copy other people's information. All reviews will be checked and if the rule does not match, the bonus will not be paid. The review should be made on the current active or upcoming ICO 1) Be registered on the forum icolist.guru. In the category of ICO Discussion, create a discussion (Describe the topic as you wish). 2) Write in details the following points: -The ICO team -What idea and technology -What are the advantages of the project -Who are the competitors and what is better than their offer -What are the prospects for this ICO. The minimum number of characters is 2000. BB Code Guide 3) Analyze additional parameters as much as possible. The most detailed write-ups will get 0.3 ETH. For example: - Activity in the social. networks, -Project code or something extra important in your opinion. The more competent analytics you make, the higher your chances of getting a bonus of 0.3 ETH. After reading all the reviews, our team will select the winners upon completion of the competition. 4) After the publication of the review, write a comment under this topic: publish a link to your review and a personal ETH wallet. Within 24 hours, in case that all conditions is done, you will receive a bonus on your ETH wallet. https://icolist.guru/d/31-upd-contest-for-unique-reviews-of-ico-320-eth-mo-0-1-eth-for-review
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