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Found 5 results

  1. Attached is my mincoin.conf file with the command listenonion=1 as the first before all of the addnodes. Here is the sha256sum of the file as rendered from my device: 2d9b77fbb3d2a608f4bf2ed6aafe198c7c0f4c3f95ece2e108ada4b91d967a41 The file is exactly 1,372 bytes or a device may show the file as being 1.4kB in size. You may try each addnode individually if you like - you must recompile for more than 16 connections. Enjoy! ltl mincoin.conf
  2. Hello to all MNC Community Members and Leaders, Please feel free to provide any constructive thoughts regarding our outreach to the Chief Technology Officer of Amazon, Mr. Werner Voguls - our intention is to inquire on what large/leading firms are looking for in order for us to better know how to accommodate them and make commercial adoption easier and more efficient for them. Here's what we have so far: "Good Afternoon. We would like to know about questions that this company may have about adopting Mincoin to pay employees and as a way of receiving payments for products and services that Amazon offers. Please visit us at https://www.mincoin.us/ to get more info about how to contact us and other important details that can save you some time - feel free to reply via Messages on Twitter as well. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!" Thanks for any assistance guys! Yours truly, lovetolearn - Mincoin Community Member since 11/26/2017 - Quote of the day: "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller
  3. We want to see what our community's projections are. Thanks!
  4. I just downloaded the mincoin wallet, wow this coin is way faster than bitcoin and litecoin! MinCoin for the Win!
  5. Mincoin is faster than both bitcoin and litecoin! mincoin is great! The popularity of mincoin is increase day by day.
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