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Found 5 results

  1. What you prefer Mincoin or Money? Mincoin was actually money that was just made digital ,perhaps you are referring to fiat , well I love Mincoin but fiat was much more comfortable to use especially when buying goods but when it comes to investing I will surely go to Mincoins.
  2. The advantages of Mincoin: For me, Mincoin has many advantages, one advantage is it gives to the individual money to sustain the basic needs, It also reduce the increasing number of unemployed in some countries.
  3. How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) How can a person in this time make a Bitcoin ? I tried this and it worth it !! 100 USD i changed on bitcoins and send to CEX.IO , divide them and gradually buy GHS for small price, which i subsequently sell for high price. Then i reinvest 40% from profit and the rest i save or change for money. If price of GHS drops and selling is not worth, i let my GHS mining as a permanent asset, which is generating another BITCOINS whith which i can trade. Today i got profit 0.9 BTC a month and still growing. Next i use Scrypt.cc where I apply the same principle. Next is EOBOT.com where is possible buying of GHS or KHS for many currencies just on 24 hours, And for exchange of BTC and other currencies i use LocalBitcoin If you choose, you'll be my referrals, I am willing to provide free advices on your mail. Email me at altcoinbuyer@gmail.com If you want earn an extra Bitcoins for free go here: Websites To Earn Free Bitcoins !!
  4. In this thread, I hope to lay out a concept for a way to exchange MNC for giftcards redeemable both online and at physical store locations. It is my opinion that exchanging MNC to giftcards would provide the quickest, most legal way to redeem an alt-currency for something rather identical to fiat. Q: Why is it the quickest? With a little bit of automation, it is possible for a customer to send MNC- either from a client or from user to user on mcxnow- within a few minutes. Once this transaction is verified, an Amazon giftcard could be purchased in fiat by the business and emailed to the customer. The customer could then redeem that giftcard and spend it at a USD value equivalent to a person paying with a debit card. This has multiple implications. 1) A bank account is not required on the customer's end. No centralization, no arbitrary waiting periods and fees, no personal information, no seizing of assets. 2) Since giftcards are not "true fiat" (more below), the business operating this exchange should NOT be required to register with the gov't as a money exchanger. This is because when you pay $25 for a "$25 gift card", you are paying for a "ticket" to purchase the equivalent of what the store values to be $25. You don't own $25 USD that are backed by the FDIC and a bank when you purchase a gift card. You own a piece of plastic redeemable for whatever is printed on it- it's up to the merchant to accept it or not. Since they were the ones who printed the card, it's probably in their interest to accept it! As a result, this service would be of interest for anyone who is looking to go from MNC -> fiat -> physical goods, as I suspect very few of us out there are interested in holding fiat for a long period of time as a wise investment decision. Q: Why not just make stores that accept MNC? You do it, then. Until someone has the resources to match the distribution of Amazon, or Applebee's, or Newegg, this system makes the most sense in my mind. It is nice to have small shops that accept crypto, of course! But I don't see these ideas as mutually exclusive. Q: How high would the premium have to be? That is up to the business risking their fiat short-term to decide. I think while MNC's price remains unstable (0.0015-0.0029 is not stable), a reasonable premium would be 5-15%. It depends on the orderbooks, the status of whales in the market (pumping or dumping?), and the need for the business to cover expenses. There is no overhead in this business model, unless the business is doing some of this on credit. Then they would need to dump a percentage of their coins to cover expenses. When MNC price is stable (whales identified, mining hashrate stable, more competition among services and exchanges), then the premium should be as close to face as possible. Please reply/pm/email me if you have any questions about this content!
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