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  2. Looking for some Mincoin? Anyone wanna give some up
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  4. When MinuteCoin Takes Half hour

    I look forward to seeing some network hash rate graphs as we go into the upcoming Hard Fork and through the end of the year. The new difficulty adjustment algorithm is going to help promote hash sticking around Mincoin instead of leaving after a multipool makes a splash.
  5. Last week
  6. MinCoin Information

    Is there a Telegram or Slack for MinCoin?
  7. Mincoin's New Informational Video

    Definitely awesome.
  8. I'm willing to trade some altcoins for mincoins before they get listed on an exchange.
  9. newline - semi-automatic e-currency exchanger

    @newline this is really interesting! Can we exchange for mincoins today?
  10. Can I donate any other altcoins to help fund development?
  11. *New MinCoin Website*

    What kind of network hash rate do you think there we'll be after MinCoin is listed on an exchange? Should I rent some hash now while mining mincoins is still relatively cheap or can I just buy mincoins from someone privately for bitcoins?
  12. How to make MNC more visible and valuable

    I like this! In other words I should be able to send Milli-MinCoins and Micro-MinCoins without paying a huge fee? If so, Satoshi would be proud of you all.
  13. --Crisis Averted Thanks To Fast Acting Devs--

    Which versions will it be compatible with on Mac?
  14. [News] ALTcointip/Reddit <<Adds MinCoin>>

    Farewell Looks like total accepted MinCoin tips there was $157.36 before service terminated.
  15. [News] ALTcointip/Reddit <<Adds MinCoin>>

    Is this still a thing or did Reddit discontinue with the tipbot?
  16. For the record, the newest OS X wallet has been built in-house, has been tested quite a bit on both Mainnet and Testnet3 and is operating quite dandy. We had a few iterations of it as we were progressing through incremental upgrades prior to the upcoming Hard Fork around September 28th. Public release of the new OS X wallet should be within 72 hours.
  17. Any contributions to the Bitcoin donation address would be hugely impactful towards exchanges and emergency hash rental. @CryptoJohn, since you're looking to purchase some Mincoins -- I would happily donate another 200 MNC to the Mincoin donation address with the understanding they may be used to swap for Bitcoin which would also become donations.
  18. One minute blocks

    All good things come to those who wait. We have the improved diff adjustment in the pipeline for the Hard Fork coming up approximately September 28th. The current 60 block linear adjustment has been replaced with Dark Gravity Wave v3 with a lookback over 60 blocks. We've branded it as "SplashGuard" as it keeps us from getting soaked when the big miners dive into the pools and start driving up our difficulty.
  19. Hi @CryptoJohn, A new faucet is planned and we need to evaluate robust and safe faucet software, then it will be online for the masses. We would like to use something trusted and already used and proven in production rather than develop anything new. Best Regards, -Chicago
  20. Princeton University Studies MinCoin

    Hi @CryptoJohn, Send a message to @SuperTramp, he probably knows someone willing to trade or sell. Best Regards, -Chicago
  21. Hello @CryptoJohn, Yes we do. We're going to need to look at faucet software again though to find something still safe and robust. Any suggestions? Best Regards, -Chicago
  22. How to make MNC more visible and valuable

    ... and as long as miners stay willing to include ultra-low-fee transactions in the blocks, we should be a safe-haven for the masses who want to trade or conduct business with very little overhead.
  23. Hello @CryptoJohn, If you don't get a PM with more information, send a message to @SuperTramp, he may know somebody willing to trade or sell. Best Regards, -Chicago
  24. new hash rate record

    Hello @CryptoJohn, For the record we're about 38% through the emission cycle at this point. Plenty of Mincoins left to be had before time runs out and its a great time to start mining them while they are still very scarce. Best Regards, -Chicago
  25. new hash rate record

    I just started mining. I only have 28mhs but am looking to get more coins. I do like the fact that there is still 70%+ of the total coins left to be mined giving everyone a fair shot at mining.
  26. Hello all! I am looking to buy some mincoin before it get's relisted. Please PM me with offers! Thanks.
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