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  1. Yes ! Thanks , same issue and i still mining block since more 10 hours now ( around 1000 khash/s ) and no coin found ...i do not know if this is normal or no luck at all ... I do not know what to do , if need to reboot PC fully but i see processing of mining ... i get 10 coind during the 4 first hours and then ... nothing since more 10 hours ! I need to study more this crypto currency ! Regards
  2. Hello, Since two days, i am mining and check how is mincoin, i do mining in solo mode ( mined 10 coins :-) ) and happy with this ! I have the last wallet client installed V0.6.5.0-G498xxx-beta. As i keep the PC online, after few hours of mining, the client suddenly get 'out of sync'. Strange, as it was clearly ok but the most weird stuff is , it is downloading again 215584 blocks. Does the network chain has been updated and this is the result ? Or the first time, it do not download all ? How it can happen ? Something wrong on network ? Thanks !
  3. Hello, I am a french novice in Crypto monney :-) Just wanted to start with one and i choose this one ! Thanks for the forum and hope i will read and found some nice stuffs here !. Need to install the wallet and check ! Cheers, Souldream
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