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  1. scrypt130511Tahitiglg2tc22400w256l4.bin wouldn´t w256 stand for worksize 256 ? just out of curiosity ... that would mean worksize 256, thread concurrency 30592 and lg2 for lookup-gap 2 ________________________________ with worksize 512 should n´t it be thread concurrency 15296 lookup-gap 1
  2. thanks for reply, i ll leave my coins in wallet now for a week or so , and will have a look then if this has impact. - bcause of hashing power: was solo mining with 600 kh/s just for a couple of hours and had 2 blocks maybe luck or so , dunno - - will report l8er if i find some blocks
  3. have seen this also -.- 2 mnc farmed localy , only 1.8 then on exchange after transfer local wallet to site. 0.1 mnc + 10 % transaction because large amount wtf ??? - I am pretty shure that this shouldnt be like that , maybe 0.01 min transaction fee. and 0.1 % on large transactions > 100 MNC or so ... but the state atm is 10 % transmition fee... which is fairly to much. And incase of sending smaller amounts this gets even more crazy: trying to send 0.0002 MNC and get a fee of 0.2 MNC. This must be a error in the code. even the text still Displays "bitcoins" but this is not bitcoins. pls update the wallet as soon as possible - thats a coin which is allready on the exchange Sites, this should be taken more seriously. http://i.imgur.com/pPpIhrb.png
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