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  1. Problem resolved , thanks L&S and I had help from some others on mcxNOW future reference for newbs: Make sure QT up to date, unencrypted wallet, blockchain up to date, wallet present on blockchain explorer, scan QR code and send to email, go to console and type importprivkey yourprivatekeyherewefikwekfkekke accountname. check balance
  2. I have the private key as well, I just cannot locate my wallet on the blockchain and I don't really know how to import it into the QT. I'm not sure what I need to type in the console, I tried using the help and typing the imortpriv key but it comes up with code errors like -4, -5 and I have no clue what they mean.
  3. Hey, I made an MNC paper wallet (M7uX9bX4AUCuYwmzHGZq6EkmVkbu1fXVSg) 2 months ago, it use to be visible but now I cannot locate it and have no idea what to do/ how to recover my funds. Any help would be much appreciated. This was the old link: http://blockexplorer.vircurpool.com/address/M7uX9bX4AUCuYwmzHGZq6EkmVkbu1fXVSg There should be exactly 3000 MNC on that wallet.
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