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  1. When we talk about upcoming ICOs, there are few that live up to our expectations, but BasilCoin is certainly one doing that. BasilCoin is a decentralized self-regulated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or the government. With no middlemen or other institutions for processing transactions. BasilCoin is a kind of opportunity that comes rare with options like Lending, Staking, Mining, and trading available, it is meant to make life easy for all involved! We can invest BasilCoin in their lending platform from our Dashboard, it will allow us profits from the BasilCoin volatility software, and it is designed to buy/sell BasilCoin automatically. We will be able to receive profits daily, so that makes it such an amazing opportunity, and that is not to be missed one! With the ICO sale starting in next 3 days, it will be the opportunity to be part of the modern future where there will be an advanced solution for global money transaction!
  2. There are endless upcoming ICOs out there, but very few worth remembering and worth mentioning. GoldenAge is above all those with having everything that you could wish to see! GoldenAge Coin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed to provide investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education, where it’s completely possible to find the independence we all wish and desire for. With GoldenAge, it is indeed a golden opportunity for us to invest in them. They allow us to do Lending with having up to 45%, Staking, Trading, Team Builder onus up to $1000, Affiliate program and the best part; it is their ICO Bonus, where we get 10% during purchase and 10% as a referral bonus. They also have ideal customer service, which is 24/7 active to help us through and are also available on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram! The Presale starts on 12th December, so it is an opportunity that is not to be missed, at any cost!
  3. There are many ICOs which are coming up on day to day basis; it’s not even exciting anymore to even talk about them, as 95% of the time, it’s all going to be useless! So, what is that with CORVUS that is exciting and can’t be counted in that 95% of the options? It’s a decentralized open platform based on public blockchain technology encompasses Digital assets and identities. The thing that makes it so powerful and one to watch out for the future is how everything is done crisply, which is to do with the high quality team of experts working out. CORVUS Coin PRE-ICO Starting From 10 Dec 2017 - 14 Dec 2017, and during this phase there will be 30% Extra Bonus for purchase with $0.20 Token price and then the final the Main-ICO phase begins from 17th December to run till 25th January with likely listing to be at Poloniex, Yobits, HitBTC, and many others. So, come forward and be part of this momentum called CORVUS!
  4. You can easily raise money for your projects as a developer, through Caviar. In addition, Caviar helps you diversify your crypto-assets and crypto-currencies with real estate and make huge profits. Participate in the community as a peer, mentor, service provider or developer and get from rewards. Also get 75% of quarterly profits through smart contract if you are a token holder. Participate in presale before it ends tomorrow on 7th December, so get in now! http://www.caviar.io
  5. Latest development! The Caviar presale and crowd sale are a few days away and you must not miss out on them, because of their importance to your investment plans. The presale is scheduled for 28 November 2017 at 10:00 AM EST while the crowd sale starts on 12 December 2017 and to end on 31 January 2018. In order not to forget the date, please join the whitelist to keep receiving updates regarding the launch dates by registering at https://caviar.io/
  6. When we talk about Bitcoin, it is considered to be anonymous and absolutely secure. But if that was the case then how hackers target any particular person? It’s because it is not as anonymous as people consider or it seems to be. That’s where Bitcoin mixers (blenders) were introduced. And in all this the name Bitcoinmix stands out, it is arguably the BEST Bitcoin mixer and can be trusted completely. Their service enables users to mix the coins at random with other similar parts of other people before reaching its final destination, so we obviously receive new coins making things anonymous. So with the ever increasing hacking stories, it’s time to secure yourself! Try it now!
  7. What is Ethereum?

    To be very fair, I am trying to get Ethereum as much as possible. I see under $500 as the golden time to have it. I am willing to bet on it to reach $1000 in next 6 month. Anyhow, it’s not like I am betting on this alone. I keep my hands on the upcoming ICOs too, as they could bring so much more rewards. Santacoin, which I wrote about earlier too, is one option that is fascinating! It’s just 3 days from the launch and it’s hard to really control the excitement!
  8. Living Off Digital Currencies....How Easy or Hard ?

    I absolutely stand by my view that no one should depend on single option. We have to be brave and divide our investment to be in good hands. I have investment on all major Cryptos, but I am also targeting upcoming ICOs. One such pick is Sphere, which is really doing something that is unique and exciting. They are building a decentralized social network; it could be the trend of the future! If I had one pick from upcoming ICOs, It’d be certain them!
  9. There are many ICOs that you instantly know are meant to be long horse thing. And, Exsulcoin is just amongst those! It is a kind of option that you are meant to like IF you have even 1% humanity. They are based around building blockchain technology platform for refugee-led projects. This platform is accessed through Exsulcoin, a cryptocurrency which allows the holder to nominate, vote for, and fund these projects. Users of this platform can also earn Exsulcoin by doing tasks like delivering water or supplying a medical clinic, it is not just fun but also great for humanity, and of course beneficial earning wise. Yet to have it with 66% discount, it’s what makes them the BEST!
  10. INVIA World - Paradise for Mining

    Before I start, I must say is that I have seen NOTHING like INVIA World before! The simplest reason for this is that they allow us the opportunity to be part of this giant Crypto field and able to do mining! Currently, I have their “PRO PLUS MINER” package and it is just EPIC! Their whole concept is amazing as it’s based on unique software that allows them to scan the entire crypto mining market for the most profitable coins, and then they adjust their equipment to it. After the plant has mined various Altcoins or Bitcoin, they flow into the INVIA World Kryptowallet and are switched to Ethereum or Bitcoin for us (customers), and this concept is known as actively managed cryptomining. So, this is just what I always wanted! That too without having to go through any complicated process for altcoinmining or bitcoinmining, so really Invia is the way forward for miners! BUT, that is not all, as you can have a chance to win a NEW iPhone X by joining it from here and purchase any package of your choice! Good luck to all!
  11. There are many ICOs that come and even go, it is all without any major impact, but now Qash has arrived! They not only are making a huge impact, but also promises to be revolutionary with their liquidity platform that aims to grow the cryptocurrency economy into a global, mainstream ecosystem. It is what makes this so special and is one of the most loved ICO. The major comfort is that they are licensed by Japan FSA, so is absolutely safe and secure! Quoine is launching a single globally-sourced trading platform (World Book) with an associated suite of services (Prime Brokerage) that brings together the entire global network of cryptocurrency exchanges to enable the highest level of liquidity to all markets! Now is the time to join in before it’s too late, they are to go live on 11/6/2017, so get in with this code 28yRFND156815 to get 20% bonus. Thank me later!
  12. As you read it, the most awaited ICO is here in DFS. The ultimate goal runs around to establish a universal premium DFS platform on the blockchain network. With DFS tokens, it will enable the user to play unique games (9 in total) and with the winning allowed to cash out via Ethereum or various other options. DFS Token's platform will host - NFL, MLB/NPB, NBA, MLS, FIFA, NHL, PGA, UFC/Boxing, Tennis, & NASCAR and is FIRST of this type to be built on Ethereum blockchain, which makes it such an amazing option.
  13. Are you looking at ICOs?

    Yes, I feel there are so many upcoming options that we need to keep eye on. I have invested in Bitconnect , as it is really a hot property with huge potential with several ways to help one earn. And, they provide us with day to day Crypto market news and update, so all this really works in our favor and enables us to do well in terms of getting rewards and also staying on risk free mode.
  14. There are many projects that come in the highly awaited category, but nothing like Celsius; it is THE most ambitious project by the MASTER himself – Alex Mashinsky. The guy needs no intro with 25 years of experience behind in the tech industry; it is fair to say Alex Mashinsky is an inspiring name and role models for many! Now bringing his years of experience into field, it is Celsius that is created to free us from the banking mafias and their monopolistic empire! Celsius is amongst the RARE P2P decentralized credit protocol built on smart contract technology. It is leveraging this new exciting technology to reinvent consumer credit and provide a platform for hundreds of millions of Millennials and GenX citizens to get affordable access to consumer credit. With such dynamic project, it takes a lot of courage and skills to manage it and that’s exactly what Alex Mashinsky has done! Now we can read his interview where he pours his heart out on here https://bitsonline.com/celsius-lending-battle-banks/ So, it is the time we join Celsius Network to reshape the future in the way we all desire!
  15. What is Ethereum?

    You always need to be ready to take such opportunity, as they don’t come often. One such spectacular option is Santacoin , as they have all the ingredients that make them so special. With allowing us to get guaranteed passive income with daily payouts, 8 levels referral program, earning through mining, staking or purchase it directly. Also, they are to be listed on at least 2 external exchanges, which make them so special. I don’t think even Ethereum had that much.

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