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  1. So over the last 6 months, i have been intrigued by crypto currency, i began trading on IG, but i found that i recorded quite a lot of losses, but also if i held my equity in there i would have to pay huge holding fees. So i came across this platform that trades for you called USI-Tech for people that do not know what it is, this video explains it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu86vms1hJM. So 3 months on i started with 20 packages which is roughly about 800, currently i am sitting on 110 packs which is roughly around 4,400 worth. In the group for USI-Tech i see that people are making some serious cash out of it and in fact some millionaires. What do you think, if Bitcoin goes to 20,000 + as predicted it really could be life changing as with USI you earn 140% in 140 working days therefore you benefit for the appreciation of the Bitcoin but also the extra 140% plus each pack you receive an ice to their crypto currency which will at least trade at $10 per coin, i currently have 30 tokens . Is a win win right because if i am holding it i may as well make a little bit more on the side also, for anyone that wants to have a look https://r94usi.usitech-int.com what does everyone think, should i sell now or wait and see how it does
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