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  1. Well hell you know I knew that for a minute the got swamped in acronyms and I think confused myself. Crap that explains a ton /facepalm
  2. https://btc-e.com/exchange/nmc_btc https://btc-e.com/exchange/nmc_usd https://vircurex.com/main/index Vircurex I'm not super familar with but it looks like if they list MNC/BTC rate and offer an address generation I should be able to xfer MNC there and trade for BTC.
  3. The destination address I'm trying to hit is Mw9nRZqroyVDfbu7hJbY2CMCXdy9mb9Jp8 which came from one of those sites after hitting generate address on MNC so pretty sure it *should* work. The other address target has the same issue =\
  4. Hey Folks, I'm trying to move some MNC around and in my wallet the address that was generated by BTC-E.com as well as vircurex.com aren't recognized as valid destinations =[ is there something I'm not getting or should it take multiple days (BTC's address is over 2-3 days since created) before it propagates through the network? I'm not going to empty my wallet but if someone posts their address I'll even try sending you a fractional coin just to try to test this out because I'm getting so frustrated! Any info is appreciated!
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