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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Please be aware that this is where sharing of anything that might move us forward in creating a roadmap for 2019, can and should take place. Thanks, ltl
  2. Hello to all MNC Community Members and Leaders, Please feel free to provide any constructive thoughts regarding our outreach to the Chief Technology Officer of Amazon, Mr. Werner Voguls - our intention is to inquire on what large/leading firms are looking for in order for us to better know how to accommodate them and make commercial adoption easier and more efficient for them. Here's what we have so far: "Good Afternoon. We would like to know about questions that this company may have about adopting Mincoin to pay employees and as a way of receiving payments for products and services that Amazon offers. Please visit us at https://www.mincoin.us/ to get more info about how to contact us and other important details that can save you some time - feel free to reply via Messages on Twitter as well. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!" Thanks for any assistance guys! Yours truly, lovetolearn - Mincoin Community Member since 11/26/2017 - Quote of the day: "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much" - Helen Keller
  3. We want to see what our community's projections are. Thanks!
  4. GoldGate investment opportunities GOLDGATE (BGG) aims to create a lending platform built on trust and reputation with the Ethereum ecosystem.that comes with: Goldgate InvestmentLending OpportunityTrading OpportunityBounty program Click https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to register todayWhat is GoldGate?Goldgate is encrypted decentralized digital currency transferred between peers. It employs the highly secure peer-to-peer network operating under the blockchain protocol. This makes all transactions safe and anonymous to all our users. An innovative solution which provide user with a simpler, safer and faster method to access to the transaction. People from all fields can earn benefit of GOLD GATE for their own sake. GOLD GATE is built to act as an digital currency that can meet the highest modern technology criterion, but also become the most user friendly currency. Our innovative and intuitive model accommodates easy to use our system without any hassle. Our management team commit to follow the road map to increase the value of GOLD GATE and promote it to become leading coin in the global market.Click here to read our whitepaper https://goldgate.io/whitepaper/Our goal is to widely publicize the GOLDGATE (BGG) to the public, in order to provide a greater opportunity for people looking to get into the e-money market at a competitive price.GOLDGATE intends to issue GOLDGATE tokens to people who want to own them before GOLDGATE (BGG) is released in the open marketFor businesses or individuals who join GOLDGATE systems with the goal of making a successful investment, GOLDGATE is viewed as a great chance to have the privilege to get the best profits and they will see financial growth.Click https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to SIGN UP today. Goldgate is different from other ICOsGoldgate is an ambitious project.Relative to current ICOs, MLMs, Goldgate helps to create a level playing field with great advantagesClick https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to Sign Up today. Why should you start with Goldgate (BGG)?Wide-choice with great investment opportunitiesLending packages are available in ICO duration BGG Exchange developmentAnonymity & Immutability, security, fast & low costClear & high interest rateNo tax, no inflationBGG is not controlled & interrupted by third-partyClick https://goldgate.io/bggrSQaV8QSGDDrcfI to Sign Up today.
  5. Interesting take on proof of stake blockchains: "Proof-of-Stake (PoS), when it was first released by Peercoin and then used by Nxt, seemed to be a solution. In Proof-of-Stake, someone's chance of getting a block depends on how much stake they have so in order for someone to get more than 50% of the forging power (“forging” is the process by which new blocks are made just like “mining” but the exact method in PoS is different so it was given a different name for Nxt), they would need to control more than 50% of the coins in existence." cointelegraph.com/news/the-failure-of-proof-of-stake-blockchains
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