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  1. Another Mining Pool For MinCoin -Looking For -

    We Now have 4 Pools > https://www.mincoinforum.com/index.php?/forum/36-mincoin-mining-pools -ST
  2. We are Pleased to Announce BlockMunch.Club Multi-Pool has added MinCoin Mining ! BlockMunch MinCoin Explorer "This pool is configured to mine the most profitable coin possible at all times. You can be paid in BTC or any currency currently on the site. Note the payments are only guranteed on time with the following currencies. For the non guarantee currencies you will be paid once enough of the coin has been mined. Guranteed Currencies - BTC, LTC, & DOGE /// Note: More currencies will be added in the future. No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine. Use your wallet address as the username." Big Thanks To The BlockMunch Team For Supporting MinCoin! -ST
  3. The Next Exchange For MinCoin Trading

    We are currently looking at https://coinscontrol.com for our next [3rd exchange] listing! Please sign up at coinscontrol.com and help MinCoin Win the current round of voting! We are currently in 2nd place with about ~12 days left to vote. -ST
  4. Hey Great to have you here! Please take some time to look around!
  5. Do you think mincoin can break $25 per coin?

    Given the low supply and low inflation I see no reason why it can't hit $50+. Right now it would only take 2-3btc worth of buys to put it there. That's 1 person with some btc who Gets It!
  6. The Next Exchange For MinCoin Trading

    HitBTC got back to us with a proposal. They want 30BTC + 10BTC worth of MinCoin. [For ONE Trading Pair] Each additional trading pair is 5 BTC. If either of you would like to pay this fee or contribute to this listing fee please PM the details of what you can do. Thanks! -ST
  7. MinCoin is Now Listed on CryptoHub.online For Trading. MNC/BTC Trading Pair: https://cryptohub.online/market/MNC Experience The CryptoHub.Online Advantage Today! MinCoin, The World's #1 Rare, High-Speed Cryptocurrency. -ST
  8. The Next Exchange For MinCoin Trading

    Our 2nd Exchange For MinCoin Trading: CryptoHub.Online MNC/BTC Market > https://cryptohub.online/market/MNC -ST MinCoin Cryptocurrency Trading
  9. Welcome to the very First MinCoin "How-To" Video Contest!! This is a contest for creating the Best MinCoin "How-To" Instructional Video for using the TradeSatoshi.com Cryptocurrency Exchange. These are the Instructions and Requirements: Show how to Register an account at TradeSatoshi.com [existing users should create a new account] Show how to set-up 2FA for login using a PIN number. Show how to add a Profile Image/Picture. Show how to check the wallet status page. Show how you would make deposits in MNC, BTC, LTC, DOGE and BCH. [No actual deposit needed] Show how to check the history pages for Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers and Trades. Show how you would make withdrawals in MNC. Show how to make instant trades [market orders] in all 4 MNC markets. Show how to place limit orders in all 4 MNC markets. Must be in ENGLISH. Final Step: Upload Your Video To: mega.nz And Post The Link To Your Video in This Thread *NOTE* Videos uploaded to YouTube will NOT be accepted !! Developers and Admins will vote for the best 3 videos. 1st Place will receive 200 250 MNC 2nd Place will receive 100 150 MNC 3rd Place will receive 50 75 MNC Contest Entries Must Be Submitted Before February 12th 2018 !! Entry Deadline Has Been Extended by 1 Week! Submit Your Video By February 19th 2018 !! **Note** By entering this contest you agree/approve to allow the MinCoin Developers to use your video for MinCoin related marketing efforts. If you have any Questions Regarding This Contest please post them in this thread for the benefit of all entrants!! MinCoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity! -ST
  10. The Next Exchange For MinCoin Trading

    We have filled out the request form for HitBtc. We will keep everyone posted. -ST
  11. New MinCoin User. WELCOME ME!!!

    Welcome to MinCoinForum Toukir007 ! Good to see you here! -ST
  12. Get 20 FREE MinCoin Today !! **ENDED**

    Thanks To EVERYONE Who Participated in this MinCoin Promotion! Stay Tuned For The Next MinCoin Promotion!! -ST
  13. Get 20 FREE MinCoin Today !! **ENDED**

    Hello Xindoa! Welcome to MinCoin and MinCoinForums! Good to see you here! Perfect job on the twitter likes & retweets! Here is your CryptoBetFair.com Voucher for 20MNC: CBF-MNC-HLP4U2HGEDFNK7NU3TMCERTSYDDMGK4X If you have not yet joined, please join the MinCoin Discord Channel for more chances to get Free MinCoin! Make sure you stay Active & Online in Discord to receive 'Associate' Exclusive MinCoin Tips and Rains !! -ST
  14. Get 20 FREE MinCoin Today !! **ENDED**

    Hey! Nice job on the twitter likes & retweets! Here is your CryptoBetFair voucher for 20MNC: CBF-MNC-VOIW4UJMHSN67A24VYFAEV527FKSEMHA Make sure you stay 'active' in the MinCoin Discord Server to receive more Free MinCoin -ST

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