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  1. Please Go And Cast Your Vote To Get MinCoin Listed On TradeSatoshi.com TODAY!! Vote Here > https://tradesatoshi.com/Vote Thanks Again For All Your Support !!! MinCoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity!
  2. New Exchange For MinCoin - Poll *Cast Your Vote*

    Exchange Voting Poll Is Now CLOSED! Thank You To All Members For Your Contribution!! Poll Results: Cryptopia - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz 28 Coinexchange - https://www.coinexchange.io 24 YoBit - https://yobit.net/en 21 Bleutrade - https://bleutrade.com 12 TradeSatoshi - https://tradesatoshi.com 9 Allcoin - https://allcoin.com 9
  3. New Exchange For MinCoin - Poll *Cast Your Vote*

    Only 24hrs Left To Vote !!!! MinCoin, The World's #1 Cryptocommodity.
  4. Where can i buy mincoin using paypal?

    Send me a PM. I might be able to help you out.
  5. New Exchange For MinCoin - Poll *Cast Your Vote*

    Only 3 More Days Left To Vote ! Get Your Vote In Today!!
  6. Spinners R Winners. I'd like to see Mincoin spin back in action as well!!
  7. Which Of These Exchanges Would You Like To See MinCoin Listed On Next?
  8. Can Bitcoin Reach $100,000 ? Some Think It Can !

    From an investment standpoint I would not hesitate to speculate in any of the lower supply cryptocurrencies and of course bitcoin is currently king there. Mincoin obviously has less total supply then bitcoin [about 1/2 of bitcoin's supply] but bitcoin has the market advantage by a long shot at this point. I think with what we have planned for MinCoin we can close that gap quite a bit
  9. deep in enemy territory

    Or Hold until this time next year and get 0.01btc/mnc with $BTC @ $10,000
  10. MinCoin Mining Pool List

    We will have to get in contact with a couple of these and see if they would be interested in adding Mincoin. MinCoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity!
  11. Hello my fellow miners

    No kidding!! I can't believe how many rigs and how mush hash they have for rent there!! It's definitely easier to get into mining today then it was back in 2011 when I first started!!
  12. I think 0.002 should be EASY to obtain within a couple of weeks of us being back on an exchange. In fact if I were to speculate on future price I would say MinCoin could be at 0.008 in less than 6 months. Mincoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity. The cryptocommodity that spends like a cryptocurrency.
  13. *New MinCoin Website*

    I would not be surprised if MinCoin's network hashrate goes well over 1GH/s after we are back on an exchange. And once some of the pools get on MinCoin hashrate will probably be closer 2-3GH/s on a consistent basis!

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