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Found 2 results

  1. This Promotion Has Now Ended! Thanks to everyone who participated!! Hello Everyone!! I still have Several UNCLAIMED CryptoBetFair.com VOUCHERS!! PLEASE CLAIM YOUR VOUCHER!! All Vouchers Not Claimed Will Be CANCELED 30 Days From Today! Stay Tuned For The Next MinCoin Promotion!! Get Your Voucher For 20 FREE MinCoin Today! Here's How: 1. Like & Retweet the following 3 tweets: https://twitter.com/MinCoinus/status/925402971176923136 https://twitter.com/MinCoinus/status/927340547177578498 https://twitter.com/MinCoinProject/status/928776078763606016 2. Post A Link To YOUR Twitter Account So We Can Verify The Likes & Retweets **You MUST Have A Twitter Account With A Profile** ***Twitter Account Can NOT be brand new/created just for this promotion*** 3. Post The Username You Use @ CryptoBetFair.com ****If You Do Not Follow The Above Steps Correctly Your Post Will Be DELETED**** Once the above is completed we will reply to your post with a cryptobetfair voucher that is unique to your user name at cryptobefair and can Only be redeemed by you! Thanks Again To CryptoBetFair For Accepting MinCoin!! - Also - Let us know your Discord User Name so we can make you an 'Associate' in the channel! *This Promotion is LIMITED To The First 30 50 Users!! -ST **Note, the original promotion was for a 10MNC voucher, I have decided to increase it to a 20MNC voucher those who already submitted for the promotion will receive a 2nd voucher for 10MNC to make their total 20MNC MinCoin, The Word's Rarest & Fastest Cryptocommodity!
  2. How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) How can a person in this time make a Bitcoin ? I tried this and it worth it !! 100 USD i changed on bitcoins and send to CEX.IO , divide them and gradually buy GHS for small price, which i subsequently sell for high price. Then i reinvest 40% from profit and the rest i save or change for money. If price of GHS drops and selling is not worth, i let my GHS mining as a permanent asset, which is generating another BITCOINS whith which i can trade. Today i got profit 0.9 BTC a month and still growing. Next i use Scrypt.cc where I apply the same principle. Next is EOBOT.com where is possible buying of GHS or KHS for many currencies just on 24 hours, And for exchange of BTC and other currencies i use LocalBitcoin If you choose, you'll be my referrals, I am willing to provide free advices on your mail. Email me at altcoinbuyer@gmail.com If you want earn an extra Bitcoins for free go here: Websites To Earn Free Bitcoins !!
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