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  1. Mincoin Cryptocurrency Mincoin.us Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Channel | Reddit |Google+ PLEASE UPGRADE TO THE LATEST WALLET MINCOIN CORE v0.14.3 With great pleasure, we would like to Officially Announce An Update To The Mincoin Project. This is a mandatory upgrade which includes security enhancements and the following new features: - Activation parameters for the segwit softfork -Various bugfixes and performance improvements -Updated translations This mandatory upgrade also includes a miner-activated softfork which will lock-in when 95% of blocks during a two-week timespan have been mined with the new software. Previously with the Wallet v0.13.0 release the Mincoin network completed a protocol upgrade for BIP66, BIP65 and the CSV softfork (BIP68, BIP112 and BIP113). Those protocol upgrades are active and have been Locked-In. Also, the Mincoin testnet is already fully functional with the new protocols and has also been upgraded to support SegWit. Feel free to test all of your NextGen applications on the testnet and don't hesitate to ask for some tMNC. The Release Notes are comprehensive as there were many changes between the upstream 0.8 branch and our rebase to v0.13.0. and to the latest version v0.14.3 Download The Latest Mincoin Wallets Here https://WWW.MINCOIN.US (Previous Versions Of The Mincoin Wallet Will No Longer Be Supported) For those who have never heard about Mincoin, below are the specifications: Launched: April 03, 2013 Proof-Of-Work: Scrypt Supply: 10 Million Coins Speed: 1 minute Difficulty Adjustment: SplashGuard Adjusts Difficulty Every Block Subsidy: 2 MNC/Block Reduction: None Premined: Zero Premine Transaction Confirmation: 6 Full Maturity For Mined Blocks: 300 Confirmations Mincoin Tools Mincoin Informational video CoinMill Exchange Rate Calculator Mincoin Paper Wallet Generator Mincoin On BitcoinWiki.org Mincoin Coinwik.org Mincoin On CoinMarketCap Mincoin On CoinGecko Mincoin On CoinPaprika The Mincoin Roadmap https://www.mincoin.us/roadmap Mincoin Block Explorers MincoinExplorer.com CryptoExplore.com Explore The Minco.in Mincoin Pools Mining-Dutch Lets Mine.it BlockMasters.co NLPool.nl CoinMinerz CoinStop.me ZergPool.com MiningpoolRW FindBlocks.wales Mine Realpool.eu TheMiningPool Mincoin Community Mincoin Official Forum Mincoin IRC Channel (#MinCoin on irc.freenode.net) Mincoin on Reddit BitcoinTalk.org Thread Mincoin Discord Channel Mincoin Exchanges TradeSatoshi.com Markets: TradeSatoshi.com MNC/BTC TradeSatoshi.com MNC/DOGE TradeSatoshi.com MNC/ETH UnNamed.Exchange Markets: UnNamed.Exchange MNC/BTC UnNamed.Exchange MNC/LTC UnNamed.Exchange MNC/DOGE UnNamed.Exchange MNC/uTip UnNamed.Exchange MNC/ETH Fides Exchange: Fides Exchange MNC/BTC Fides Exchange MNC/LTC Fides Exchange MNC/DOGE Fides Exchange MNC/ETH CryptoHubExchange.com: CryptoHubExchange MNC/BTC CryptoHubExchange MNC/DOGE *CryptoHubExchange.com Is CLOSING - Please Withdraw All Your MNC And Any Other Crypto Assets You Have There!* See: https://cryptohubexchange.com/news AltMarkets.io: AltMarkets.io MNC/BTC AltMarkets.io MNC/DOGE AltMarkets.io MNC/LTC * More Exchanges Coming Soon! Mincoin Merchants CryptoBetFair.com - Gaming/Gambling MincoinFaucet.com - FREE MNC Faucet Site *Faucet Currently Down* *More Merchants And Vendors Coming Soon! Mincoin Wallet Downloads Mincoin Core v0.14.3 Release Notes Windows Mincoin-0.14.3-win64-setup.exe Mincoin-0.14.3-win64.zip Mincoin-0.14.3-win32-setup.exe Mincoin-0.14.3-win32.zip macOS Mincoin-0.14.3-osx.dmg Mincoin-0.14.3-osx64.tar.gz Linux Mincoin-0.14.3-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz Mincoin-0.14.3-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz Raspberry Pi Mincoin-0.14.3-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz Mincoin-0.14.3-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz Source Code Mincoin-0.14.3.tar.gz Bootstrap Files Mincoin-2432033-bootstrap.dat Mincoin-Testnet4-129907-bootstrap.dat Mincoin Source Code (Github) Download Wallets + Bootstrap Directly From The Official Mincoin Github * The World's First Ever Mincoin Android Wallet Mincoin Android Wallet On Google Play Sample .conf file (mincoin.conf) Code: daemon=1 onion= timeout=750 logips=1 shrinkdebugfile=0 server=1 rpcthreads=128 * Seed Nodes are hardcoded in the wallet. We have been working really hard preparing for this re-launch, working on many projects to add more value to the coin users and supporters. Below are some of the hottest updates for Mincoin. New Mincoin Website Mincoin On Social Media Mincoin Wallet Mincoin Merchant Tools Plus many merchants to come.. Mincoin was, initially, a derivative of the Litecoin code, recently we have rebased the entire codebase to Bitcoin core codebase[branch 0.13.0]. What separates Mincoin from Bitcoin and Litecoin is it takes the best of both and it combines them into one cryptocurrency. Whether Bitcoin supporters want to believe it or not, Bitcoin is a commodity not a currency and as with commodities what really drives value is limited supply/creation. With Mincoin only having 10 millions total coins to ever be produced compared to 21 millions for Bitcoin, it is pretty easy to see which one is more rare. By late September 2017, 78.9% of all Bitcoins have already been distributed, but in Mincoin - our flat emission cycle leaves 61.8% of the total Mincoin still uncirculated. "To empower people with the ability to govern their finances by enabling them with a superior method of wealth storage, wealth transfer & a mobile payment solution currency not available within today's banking system & the outdated infrastructure it supports." - Mission Statement, Mincoin Dev Team Become a part of our growing community and start using Mincoin. Go to Mincoin.us and download our all-new wallet now. Mincoin.us Mincoin has a new discussion forum. Stop by and check it out >>https://www.mincoinforum.com/ A Hard Fork was activated at block 1452840 which occurred early morning on Thursday, September 28th/2017. This hard fork enabled the following network upgrades: -Difficulty Adjustment by Dark Gravity Wave v3 [SplashGuard] -Mined Mincoins Fully Mature at 300 Confirmations -Significantly Reduced Transaction Fees -More Space in Each Block For zero/low-fee Transactions -Larger Orphan Transaction Memory Pool -Reduced Mininum Input Size to 25 Micro-Mincoins -Full Service IPv4, IPv6 and Tor Seeds -Fully Functional Testnet -New Checkpoint -Alert System Restored -100% Overhaul of Mincoin Code *Below is the original release thread/post details* I'm sure many of you have noticed that Mincoin has been having some issues with our Difficulty re-target causing a lot of instability in MNC network hashrate, Transaction Confirmation times and overall mining profitability compared to other coins. Today we have made a change to that Difficulty re-target in an effort to help create a more stable network hashrate and to also help stabilize the 1min block/confirm target. This should also help with mincoin mining profitability from a stability standpoint. However, this does require a mandatory update to the mincoin qt client and daemon for all miners and pool operators. We request that everyone upgrade prior to block 75000 as that is the target block for the new Difficulty re-target of 60blocks to take effect. Thanks again for your continued support. I think this change will help benefit everyone involved with this project. Announcing Mincoin! If you weren't an early adopter for Bitcoin or Litecoin here is your chance to become one for the fastest coin out there! https://github.com/SandyCohen/mincoin **Latest github: https://github.com/vipah/mincoin Windows 32bit binary: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36733610/mincoin/mincoin.zip Mincoin (MNC) - a minimalist version of Bitcoin optimized for CPU mining using scrypt as a proof of work scheme. *Only 10 million coins total will be generated *1 minute block targets for ultra fast transactions *To encourage early adoption block values for first 3 days are :- 500 MNC, 100 MNC, 50 MNC *After first 3 days block value will be 2 MNC per block until all coins mined which will take roughly 10 years *Difficulty Retarget Every 60 Blocks Mining started at 12:21 UTC April 3, 2013 and was announced on IRC and the WWW not long after. There is no premine! Getting Started: Solo mining: Run mincoin.exe or compile the source from github. It should close down immediately after not finding a valid config file. -Go to %appdata%\mincoin directory and create a file called mincoin.conf . In this file add two lines rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass Then save the file. Now run mincoin.exe again. Run CGMINER and point it to with the username of "user" and password of "pass" If you use CGMINER set the flag "--expiry 1" option to make sure you avoid stales, ie cgminer --scrypt -o -u user -p pass --expiry 1
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