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    We would like to invite you to help build upon the success of previous Mincoin releases by contributing to the design elements within the upcoming Mincoin v0.10.x wallet.

    A special GitHub repository has been prepared which includes all of the original artwork included in the Litecoin v0.10.2.2 release.

    We must adapt the images to be our own in order to give the next Mincoin release a look which reflects the Mincoin brand.

    You'll find the repository here: https://github.com/mincoin/graphics

    What you can do is fork and clone the repository and find all of the images within it and then begin your creative process to help refresh the look and feel for upcoming releases.

    Every image which could be identified in the upstream repository has been added into our new graphics repository.

    Some of them are vital and must be changed.

    Others are not so significant and do not need major retooling.

    Several of them are fine just the way they are.

    We encourage you to work together and brainstorm the look and feel of the next wallet by creating new images and committing them to GitHub so that they may be later incorporated directly into our next release.

    This is a new process for us working in a distributed collaborative manner for the user interface and all suggestions and contributions are very welcome.


Best Regards,


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