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  1. A new Mincoin Rank is in the works!

    She does. Verified.
  2. Awesome, sounds great -- we've extended the deadline. See the OP for details. Can't wait to review your next submission. Thanks again for participating in the contest.
  3. Hi @Aku, Thanks for being the first entry into our Mincoin + TradeSatoshi "How To" Video Contest! I like the quality of the video and the resolution. It plays well on my full-screen display and does not pixelate. As far as the scoring goes: Very concise. Eliminated extra time spent doing things like the Captcha. Didn't mention agreeing to the Terms & conditions. (although you covered up your last name in the registration form - there are identity details which did sneak through on the 'Confirmation Email Sent' page) With regard to the 2FA, just in case you didn't notice - some identity details also leaked when you clicked your username on the top right of the page. I do not like suggesting a user should use the PIN 1234. The highest score for this requirement would be given for a random 8 digit pin for all three of the Login / Withdraw / Transfer TwoFactor entries and explaining when they would be used during a Trade Satoshi session. Perfect Perfect Perfect. The highest score for this requirement would be given when an actual deposit has been made, showing an Unconfirmed and Available balance before and after the minimum confirmations have been reached. In retrospect, I think we should move "Show how to check the history pages" to after showing how to make trades so there will actually be a trade history. A perfect score for this requirement would be achieved after showing there is a confirmation email process for making a withdrawal as well as a requirement to input a Withdraw TwoFactor PIN. One change which might make this section easier for new users to navigate would be by typing "MNC" into Search box in the left margin of the Market page. This prevents having to scroll and makes it fast to go between the various BTC / LTC / BCH / DOGE markets. A perfect score for instant trades should include clicking on a row from the order book to pre-populate the Buy and Sell boxes and then showing how a user modifying the Amount field will change the Total. Also it would be good to mention the 0.2% fee and to mention the minimum order size is 500 satoshi. A perfect score for this section would also include clicking on rows from the order book to put some initial values into the Buy and Sell boxes and then adjusting them to meet the goals of the trade. Showing how the Total changes when tabbing through the Buy / Sell box fields after making an adjustment to the Amount will help the user see how to use the Buy and Sell box. A perfect score for this requirement would also show how the Amount field may be maximized by clicking on your current BTC balance. Perfect! Your audio was crisp and clear and very easy to understand. So far you are in the lead and the only submission. Feel free to make any revisions to the video based on the above feedback and do another upload. Thanks again for taking the time to help new Mincoin traders learn the ropes. Best Regards, -Chicago
  4. bootstrap.dat

    Hello, Our December 9th, 2017 bootstrap.dat files are now available from mega.nz. Mainnet Testnet3 Additionally, they are also available on GitHub. Best Regards, -Chicago
  5. Graphics Refresh

    Hello, We would like to invite you to help build upon the success of previous Mincoin releases by contributing to the design elements within the upcoming Mincoin v0.10.x wallet. A special GitHub repository has been prepared which includes all of the original artwork included in the Litecoin v0.10.2.2 release. We must adapt the images to be our own in order to give the next Mincoin release a look which reflects the Mincoin brand. You'll find the repository here: https://github.com/mincoin/graphics What you can do is fork and clone the repository and find all of the images within it and then begin your creative process to help refresh the look and feel for upcoming releases. Every image which could be identified in the upstream repository has been added into our new graphics repository. Some of them are vital and must be changed. Others are not so significant and do not need major retooling. Several of them are fine just the way they are. We encourage you to work together and brainstorm the look and feel of the next wallet by creating new images and committing them to GitHub so that they may be later incorporated directly into our next release. This is a new process for us working in a distributed collaborative manner for the user interface and all suggestions and contributions are very welcome. Best Regards, -Chicago
  6. Are any of you altcoin traders on Instagram?

    I think there are a bunch more images and logos over here too.
  7. I like MinCoin very much than other altcoin..

    Without your enthusiasm we would be empty inside, thanks for your support!
  8. Hello ! new to mincoin

    Feel free to join us on Discord too.
  9. We might not be at 100K yet, but we're over $7K and that's incredible!
  10. Awesome! Thanks for the report @Miller
  11. We're doing it again -- checkout Coin Market Cap!

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