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  1. I like @SuperTramp's idea better.
  2. Hello my fellow miners

    Times sure have changed... now you can get 1 GH/s for ~$45 on Mining Rig Rentals for 24 hours.
  3. Hi Willy, Although there was a long wait, the new macOS wallet is available on the homepage. Here is a direct link to the v0.8.8.0 release for OS X. The sha256sum is: 8da7852dbdb22cd659c4d29381a1da4aff3b09249c15e454f2612aa035d4a0a8 Best Regards, -Chicago
  4. MinCoin Mining Pool List

    The following pools are featured on Mining Rig Rentals. Update this thread after contact has been made with them regarding Mincoin mining. Multipool ipoMiner Supernova iSpace HASH-TO-COINS Mining Pool Hub WeMineBTQ MineZ.zone Miningspeed CryptoBroker
  5. If we were on an exchange today, that would be a $7.51 Mincoin.
  6. Just sayin'... it might be more worthwhile to use Bitcoin to lease some Scrypt hash so you can mine your own Mincoin while the difficulty is relatively low. Even just $100 worth of Bitcoin on Mining Rig Rentals could net you a nice little bag of Mincoin.
  7. Hello ! new to mincoin

    Welcome aboard! We have live chat too over on freenode in the #mincoin channel and have also created a Slack workspace. The invite is good for the next 4 weeks or the first 1,000 users, whichever comes first and then we'll share a new invite link.
  8. From a service perspective, little things to complete the offering. New faucet, updated paper wallet. Hopefully a bitnodes implementation for Mincoin. We'll be working towards a v0.10.2.2 release soon after the Hard Fork. It would be nice to see a game site or two come around soon as well.
  9. *New MinCoin Website*

    You might be off by a few orders of magnitude. Mincoin 1Th/s before spring.
  10. Hopefully around Christmas time @001sonkit
  11. *New MinCoin Website*

    I like the new site too and am looking forward to the coming days when there will be continuous activity in the threads with lots of action and news for Mincoin.
  12. I want to spin the wheel! Bring back Mincoin
  13. A Hard Fork will be activated at block 1452840 which we estimate to occur early morning on Thursday, September 28th. We are excited to deliver this network upgrade which includes the following new features and introduces Mincoin v0.8.8. Difficulty Adjustment by Dark Gravity Wave v3 Mined Mincoins Fully Mature at 300 Confirmations Significantly Reduced Transaction Fees More Space in Each Block For zero/low-fee Transactions Larger Orphan Transaction Memory Pool Reduced Mininum Input Size to 25 Micro-Mincoins Full Service IPv4, IPv6 and Tor Seeds Fully Functional Testnet New Checkpoint Alert System Restored 100% Overhaul of Mincoin Code Binaries Are Available on Our Homepage for Linux, Windows and macOS Community Site, Mincoin Forum Upgraded to Invision Power Board v4.2.x sha256sums mincoin- 701ba9f321120db4b9eb6920c4fd02e4cf2da70ed400d334694b483e1ea066a1 mincoin- 3b214354869fb8f3babbe474f8a5d1633d5ac46647214726e7211556337779e9 Mincoin- 8da7852dbdb22cd659c4d29381a1da4aff3b09249c15e454f2612aa035d4a0a8
  14. When MinuteCoin Takes Half hour

    I look forward to seeing some network hash rate graphs as we go into the upcoming Hard Fork and through the end of the year. The new difficulty adjustment algorithm is going to help promote hash sticking around Mincoin instead of leaving after a multipool makes a splash.
  15. [News] ALTcointip/Reddit <<Adds MinCoin>>

    Is this still a thing or did Reddit discontinue with the tipbot?

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