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Let me share you a story. This story is full of misery but every other story it has a happy ending. That was like more than year and a half ago. I was new in crypto world and i started to work on how to earn botcoin. Btc price was valued by 500 dollar and i had few mbtc got those from performing video campaign jobs crypto-games.net tutorial review video and rollin.io help me to gather some amount of btc.
Price was rising. And i was new i didnt had dollars or didnt had the courage to invest in fear of loosing money so i cashed it price gone up to 1000. And i had no dollars with me so i can make invest. 
Later on i had earned btc by exchanging other cryptos to btc and sell it to 1000 dollar i was happy  that i made a right decision. Price gone up to 2000 dollars from 1500 and i felt like damn man!!! Then i decided i aint gonna sell btc at all. 
I had like 250mbtc by then valued of 500 dollars. All was earned. I hold it tightly and long awaited decision was worthy of it. I had 2500 dollars left with me. I sold those coins by 10000 too much greed is a sinful thing. 
So hold the Coins. This the best time to buy some btc. If you can then grab some. If you got some then hold it tightly. There is nothing which can stop bitcoin. Quoted by billgates.

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