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Mincoin Privacy Maintenance/Hygiene

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How to delete a wallet.dat file in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, and create a new one? My intention is to delete the transaction trails that are in my Mincoin Core Qt client right now and start it fresh again while deleting the data from my laptop. 

Also, how do I add a mincoin.conf file in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS through the Terminal (I'll attach the mincoin.conf file here for those who want to see what I'm trying to implement in my Mincoin Core Qt client)? I tried adding it into the data directory directly and that didn't seem to work but I'm honestly not sure if my wallet is running through Tor and is therefore hiding my IP Address successfully. 

Lastly, I heard that even if one's IP Address is obfuscated or hidden, employers, schools, and other parties can still see your online data and activity because it's connected to your MAC address. Will do further research on this topic but any thoughts are welcome! 


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