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Guide to Creating a Paper Wallet


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This is a tutorial around creating Mincoin Paper Wallets, as well as a tutorial on how to check any txes, if any, may be associated with a Paper Wallet. Hope you find this useful!

Go to https://github.com/mincoin/minaddress.org image.png.9473e749e3c5398537b801c6ecdeb31c.png

Click on the green Clone or Download button image.png.5abfd2cad30d5e8c2665426784b5d895.png

Click on Download ZIP image.png.7a5f705b182c50bf19dfe79db26bcd82.png

When you see a pop-up window that says Opening minaddress.org-master.zip You have chosen to open: minaddress.org-master.zip which is: Zip archive from: https://codeload.github.com What should Firefox do with this file? Click Open with Archive Manager (default) image.png.0b14d5586f466391702cd6b8c82876f5.png, then click OK image.png.baf9a12cc761d33be25b1a233756ecf9.png

From the File Manager application that should now pop up, click on the minaddress.org-master folder image.png.928f8b835b60bd7fc73fedd57db173f8.png

Once you are here, 1340110149_Screenshotfrom2020-02-1403-17-12.png.3e09be8ec93ada40a73e86cbe59f1ea1.png

Click on index.html image.png.acff5f6e5dc90048b2feb66607e2bcae.png

Then, turn off all connections from the outside world to the device that you are using to create the paper wallet.

***Do not send any other cryptocurrencies to an MNC address, ever - doing so will result in your coins being lost forever.

This document is currently a work in progress. Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, concerns, questions, or screenshots, may be posted in this thread as a reply.

Best Regards,



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