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Earn Monthly Income from Rental Properties in Dubai - Start With 68$ FREE GIFT

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Start investing in real estate in Dubai with a $68 no-deposit bonus and a $136 minimum deposit with monthly rental income.

Stake Company 
– Stake Properties Limited (Stake) is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) as the operator of a real estate investment crowdfunding platform.

When you invest with Stake, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) issues a title deed in the name of the SPV and a share certificate in your name. All our SPVs are registered with the DIFC and your name and ownership can be verified through the online public registration portal. Importantly, these SPVs invest in a property asset free from any debt, lien, or security and guarantee that no bank, financial institution, or other creditor can claim your asset.

Real Estate Investing No Deposit Bonus – A modern way to invest in real estate for everyone

To get AED 250 with no deposit, simply register through my link (click here to open an account Real Estate Investing No Deposit Bonus).

Digital minimum deposit Invest in quality rental property from anywhere in the world for as low as AED 500 (USD 136).

Gross annual income from rent (monthly payments): 9% – 10%.

Gross annual return from property market appreciation: 6%.

Read Stake Dubai Company Review

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