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Scrypt FPGA

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Will add more organization to this topic later.


Here is my reposted video featuring the DE5 Net, a development kit from Terasic that has an Altera Stratix V as its FPGA.


The price tag for the chip and board is 8-9k USD, and the Quartus II software necessary to write to the Stratix V is 4000 for a subscription.


However, there are a few things that make me think this is still probably worth the price:


1) I truly believe with a few upgrades to the qdrii sram and improvements in code, it could handle anywhere from 15-40 MH. The Stratix V is certainly equipped to do it, it's a question of how upgradeable the qdrii sram is.


2) It runs on like 30w electricity and is portable in a briefcase.


3) the cost of 40 GPUs, 5-6 motherboards and PSUs, 15kw of electricity etc.. makes GPU mining wasteful and expensive


4) This FPGA dev kit likely has resale value in high frequency trading markets.


If you have questions about this content, please email me at jtshana92@gmail.com





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I am an FPGA designer and don't see how you can get to such high values with such FPGA.


My knowldge of the algorithm is pretty limitted, but I have several large FPGA boards (Virtex 6 and 5) on my desk that I would love to test with this. My initial test using the C2VHDL converter gave me a 100k hash on a virtex 5 device which is not that good.

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