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[BOUNTY] Data-entry positions on www.josephshanahan.com

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I am offering a large, long-term payable bounties (many hundreds of MNC) to the person(s) who wish to skillfully design and upload some of the following content to www.josephshanahan.com.


1) A dictionary (laid out in a design similar to wiktionary) for various language families (Romance, Germanic, Proto-Indo-European)...

You might ask "why not just upload it to wiktionary?". This is because I feel that wiktionary is unreliable and doesn't adequately credit users for their work. This is why some of the content is lacking and only of "encyclopedia" quality, not specialist quality.


2) An automated MNC faucet with rotating advertisements.


3) A compendium of academic/technical sources related to cryptography.

Examples would be anything from DJ Bernstein's papers on encryption (cr.yp.to/djb.html) to Sunny King's papers on XPM.


These are all open-ended projects and I am interested in working together with anyone who wants to create a specialized library for topics we're both interested in.


Please email me at jtshana92@gmail.com for more info and to speak with me directly and quickly.

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