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  1. This is a reason why most people prefer mainstream coins
  2. Chinese are down right gamblers, if you well target them they would give a try on the coin, give a gamble and see if they can have the result of Bitcoin early adopters
  3. I still think that MCXFee is some how overpriced with the current status. Would rather just get exchange to some Litcoin and be the house at Dicenow or BTC at just dice
  4. Apart from articles, we need more service to accept this coin. Some things we need to be quick like getting digital access to sth. This would lead to more acceptance i guess
  5. Meanwhile I guess we need to wait for more people using this forum to split things off or else the threads will be cold
  6. Nice article, perhaps make a few comparason to Litecoin on the text will give user a clearer concept?
  7. Ya, every coin is competing for more visibility such that more chance will there be whale visit us and bump us up
  8. Minute Coin , Minute Delivery Pizza seems a nice contract Delivering service would be nice with the quick image of MinCoin
  9. i guess MinCoin Forum would be the biggest faucet for now. Staffs seem to be very generous on inviting new MNC comers
  10. Wow, thats nice, I was expecting that Litcoin or that Ripple (scam) will be on the seconds. Congrayz guys!
  11. Seems the return rate of Mincoin is quite aligned with LTC, I'll watch and see if getting on will be nice
  12. I'd say commodity, currency is just a random trust that the FED can randomly print out whenever they want
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