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  1. Hello All

    Thanks Ropyu1978.
  2. MinCoin GPU Mining Using GUIMiner

    Super, Thanks for the tutorial. I am going to try it now. THanks again. Don247
  3. ^^^ Agreed...not really into bitcoins, but mincoins are just awesome.
  4. [SOLVED] Mining On Radeon HD 4670

    Guys, I live in an all bills paid place. I pay a flat fee for my place so i get FREE Electricity. What type of graphic card should i get?
  5. what are you mining

    dualsmp? how much is that Radeon 7850 cost? 380 kh/s is pretty good.
  6. It showed up number 1 for me when i googled it. Great work guys.
  7. Welcome all. Great to see a lot people who will surely have bright futures. (mincoins)
  8. [PROPOSAL] MNC -> Giftcards

    Wow.. Joseph I would have to say that is a GREAT IDEA. It is just ashamed that the goverment is trying to control virtual currencies. They controlled Enron and look how that ended.
  9. Mincoin Lottery

    Mincoin Raffles are a great idea. Mincoin lottery sounds good. If there is anything i can do to help, just let me know.
  10. Buy MNC Paypal

    I would buy mincoins with paypal but i surely would not sell them to a paypal buyer. lol.. yes paypal does chargebacks.
  11. And the mincoins will contine to raise
  12. HOLD! MinCoin

    Yup. Certainly a great time to hold mincoins. Buy and hold for good returns.
  13. I read somewhere that Dwolla was doing chargebacks on exchanges causing several of thousands of dollars in losses for those exchanges who already sent the people there bitcoins. Better off without dwolla.
  14. Mincoin is...

    Mincoin is awesome. Only fools put money in a bank CD and only get between 0.5 percent to 1 percent. If you want higher returns, buy some mincoin. :-)
  15. Mincoin is...

    mincoin will be worth a lot more in the future. Time for all to jump on the bandwagon now while the cost of mincoins are still low.

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