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  1. i actuallly think an empty wallet is just as cool. that way you can put as much as you want on it and the denomination on the coin doesnt matter
  2. would be pretty cool. https://store.nwtmint.com/Engravable/Blanks/ these would be a good start. check out all these options http://custom.nwtmint.com/minting_engraving.php getting a individual private key/address on each one would be the biggest challenge.
  3. getting mincoin on bter or btc38 would open it up to chinese buyers. btc38 seems to be adding any coin (emerald philosphers stone) so it shouldnt be that hard
  4. yeah cool to see mnc around 40 cents! didnt think about the usd factor. btw peep the rich list ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im back on it.
  5. mnc can breathe again...... for now. whats next!? clearly the dumpers are wore out.
  6. well someone dumped 250k last week. could have been ole bruno. however wefvd told me he recently got out. and i believe he had a LOT. his farm was pointed at it during difficulty .2 for months
  7. heres a big dog http://blockexplorer.vircurpool.com/address/MMCSrkbKCDgxZtw7v7cd4uhxtvYPkfNBhF
  8. nevermind he sent me 5 coins through mcxnow.... i thought he meant his massive wall was coming. i suppose hed be stupid to put it up now with the upwards momentum.
  9. haha yeah sprinted over the debris that was that wall with my mardi gras beads on
  10. whos the party pooper with a 23btc .001 wall? sure aint me!
  11. hmmm think ill just order a few of this "item" https://www.bitmit.net/en/item/56395-cash-for-bitcoin-u-s-currency-500-15-service
  12. no timeline or details but yes RS did say he planned on making a new algorithm for MNC that allowed better CPU mining like solidcoin 2.0.
  13. whats the command for scantime? --scantime 10?
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