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  1. I think it could, let's keep up the effort guys!
  2. Amazing work guys! I'm getting very excited
  3. 50 free mnc for new members

    Ohhhh man, this is FUN! Thanks man!!!
  4. 50 free mnc for new members

    donezo! iwillbuyall Nice site man, damn, keep up the good work. Now let me go and blow some coins hehe
  5. open exchange MNC in poloniex

    Let's do this!
  6. Ya, clearly the voting poll isn't working for me and I haven't voted yet. http://i.imgur.com/dwYOda2.png
  7. Maybe it's just me being stupid, but how do I actually VOTE? Do I simply post a reply to that thread, or is there a way to select and vote a coin?
  8. MinCoin [Investment] Give-Away !

    Welcome to the community everybody! If you have any questions or concerns, this is the forum to discuss that in. Cheers!
  9. Princeton University Studies MinCoin

    Very interesting study, not only for MinCoin but for the other coins as well. Well done Princeton.
  10. It moves so easily, and holds it's position so well. Big buys
  11. MinCoin [Investment] Give-Away !

    Cheers to the new year! 2015 is going to be awesome... I can feel it! MEfCq4U68vBaXP2B9ACAKaHAfRueYxDQhE (if it's not too late) Thx ST, keep up the good leadership!

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