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  1. i changed over to coinex for a few, less workers.... but as for the high xfer rates, will those ever drop, or will they always be attached to those transactions?
  2. I GOT YOU ok lol i'm still mining both p2pool and vircur... i can wait. lmao thanks
  3. hmmm http://blockexplorer.vircurpool.com/address/MWbQoChFKovtC1z3eHXwKX8qWpKQ3EmpcU have no idea what i am looking at lol
  4. seems to be a glitch in the wallet... tried transferring to another address of mine and still getting ridiculous fees. is the wallet code sane? there a backdoor, lol (i'm not worried yet, hardly have any MNC to worry about, but if this is typical... i might worry later and move on to a different coin)
  5. sent a support ticket to cryptsy to see if its on his side, but if i remember right its on the wallet side where it would come from.
  6. yep same with the windows client.... even have the 0.01 transaction fee enabled in the mincoin wallet... everything has synched up. ok lets see which version of the wallet is everyone using here?
  7. dam, lol.... time to flush everything out and reinstall mincoin's wallet? i did backup the wallet, just need to reimport the wallet Edit: so far so good, just need to resync everything
  8. I can try the windows client and see if its the *nix one
  9. right? ok.... maybe its a setting somewhere, or do i have to sit on the coinage for a few days before shuffle them off?
  10. holy hell i changed to 100.00 mNC and now its 7.00 MNC to transfer.... tried it again, now its 5.10 MNC. is this just with the linux client or does this happen on the windows client?
  11. trying to send 0.1 MNC to cryptsy... using the linux client. ok... easy right... not when there's a 4.90mnc transaction fee! wtf? is it because of where the mnc was mined? is it crypsty? this is where it gets weird, because i have transferred the same amount before and there was a .03 fee those two times.
  12. GOOD, cuz linux is chewing on it now, sooooo i'll just wait for a for a newer version to come out then jump on that lol
  13. LOL, still moving slow. well.... going to leave it run all week, ports are forwarded, have 26 connections, just still crunching through that %53... well now at %53.70, lol block 255120 out of 475092 soo i work 5a to 5p mon-sat (overtime month at the re-engineering facility), i'll glance at the thread every so often, oh yea btw, still can't uncheck the pnp port setting in the option dialog even though i specified the port in the conf (which is obvious with the clients i have now). i'll watch for a new version thanks for the help!
  14. i dont know... hasn't moved much, but still having fun. cell phone though found a block worth 2.2 MNC using minerd-NEON http://p2pool.org:5643/static/share.html#6f8cd07555634310fad2479f74f8fcb44a962d4cd65c46e522063e93bdb77e78 (well i think i read that right, lmao)
  15. yeah, last night i found the linux version of the mincoin client installed and did the same, just copied the appdata to the .mincoin folder (without the larger files, just the wallet stuff) and its still sat there after a couple of hours at 53.53%.... this morning before work, i killed it, no change, refired it up on the windws system. working overtime this month sooo it sat here undisturbed all day, came home to the same, 53.53% i have 20 connections now, and 2 transactions.... but hasn't moved beyond that magic number. i'll leave it sit till tomorrow, sunday are the only days off this month, sooo ill have pleanty of time to muck around with things. ports are still forwarded, though the router... hmmm. the port setting is the rpc port swtich? right (i really don't want to kill it since i have 20 people on the thing) the windows box is moving right along [2013-12-07 18:21:43] accepted: 124655/125557 (99.28%), 2.85 khash/s (yay!!!) the *nix box..... hmmm working on it. OK, its crunching through blocks 254236 out of 474638 (blocktime Sat Dec 7 21:13:49 2013) that seems to be where my lag is, its moving slowly... sooo tomorrow i should have more progress, lol, right now its like watching my gradmother ride a tricycle up a steep hill in the mud.... its working just not the fastest.
  16. i get stuck at %53.35 +\- have added the extra nodes tried both clients (6.0.5 and v0.6.5.0-g498f5d1-beta).... still can't get past that point.... turned the firewall off and on in windows... (which i hate, wish there was a precompiled ubuntu 64bit bins). getting frustrated, i am raping the p2pool for mnc, but can't get any transactions, lol oh yea and am paying a 0.01 transaction fee in the wallet to "speed up" transactions..... i understand it works like bittorrent, sooooooooooo i should be in here yelling "PLZ SEED!" LMAO (rededited for stuff) %53.36 (just for the time stamps)
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