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Found 7 results

  1. I just downloaded the mincoin wallet, wow this coin is way faster than bitcoin and litecoin! MinCoin for the Win!
  2. Anybody interested in selling some MinCoin for Bitcoin?
  3. Mincoin is faster than both bitcoin and litecoin! mincoin is great! The popularity of mincoin is increase day by day.
  4. Interesting article citing why $bitcoin could reach $100,000. What do you guys think? I think it is totally possible and that 5 years from now people will look back at current bitcoin prices and think $2,000 was a "steal". " “Moore’s Law” has been identified by a Harvard Scientist in Bitcoin, and as such the belief is that the digital currency can reach $100,000 by February 2021, according to this theorem." You can read about the article here: Bitcoin To $100,000 ? -ST MinCoin, The #1 Digital Commodity.
  5. Hello MinCoin community! We are currently working on releasing some Updates for MinCoin. See HERE For More Info Regarding This Update We have some people who are willing to do work and be paid in MinCoin. We are looking to community members to help with funding If you can donate some MinCoin to help further our cause we will all benefit in the long run! Thanks Again for your Continued Support!!! You Can Donate MinCoin To This Addy: MFmCgFgN4oaf51GqGnLma16mNf4rZEuX1L You Can Donate BitCoin To This Addy: 12kETTS8Z5ejQPenmSRC2v7AhB73GSyLup MinCoin, The Digital Commodity That Spends Like A Currency.
  6. -- MinCoin Development Update -- Great news! We have ported changes/updates to the existing Mincoin code and have had a successful test run of a new version of the MinCoin Client/Wallet. Both Linux and Windows v0.8.8.0 have been working flawlessly and we have moved on to testing a New Difficulty Re-Targeting Algorithm! -New Difficulty Re-Targeting Algorithm Dark Gravity Wave has been chosen for Mincoin. We have tested it, tested it some more and Then Tested It Again and it has proven itself to work perfectly within the Mincoin network. We are expecting to have a public release of the New Clients within the next 3-5 days. RELEASED !! *Mandatory Wallet Upgrade* -Upgrade To The Latest Version [v0.8.8.0] Of The MinCoin Wallet- Previous Versions Of The MinCoin Wallet Will No Longer Be Supported!! SEE THIS THREAD FOR MORE INFO !!! Some Other Things We Have Been Working On: MAC-OSX Wallet/Client Tested And Working ! Upgrades to the MinCoin Network [more details to come] -Added Dedicated Nodes To The Network [more nodes getting added daily] -Adding Dedicated Hashing Power To The Network [more hashing power coming] -New Difficulty Re-targeting Algorithm [fully tested and working flawlessly] Re-Built the mincoin website: https://www.mincoin.us Re-Built the community forum on a more robust server with site-wide SSL to protect our users information Increased and updated our social media marketing profiles: Main Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/MinCoinus https://twitter.com/mincoinio https://twitter.com/MincoinMining https://twitter.com/Foundation_MNC https://twitter.com/MinCoinForum https://twitter.com/MinCoinProject Main Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/mincoin.us https://www.facebook.com/mincoinforum https://www.facebook.com/MinCoinus-359387464245863 https://www.facebook.com/MinCoin-Foundation-319590271795467 Main Reddit Account: https://www.reddit.com/r/MinCoin https://www.reddit.com/domain/mincoin.us MNC Enabled on ALTcointip/Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ALTcointip/ STAY TUNED We Are Not Done With Updates! MORE TO COME !! -The MinCoin Team Mincoin, The World's #1 CryptoCommodity
  7. How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) How can a person in this time make a Bitcoin ? I tried this and it worth it !! 100 USD i changed on bitcoins and send to CEX.IO , divide them and gradually buy GHS for small price, which i subsequently sell for high price. Then i reinvest 40% from profit and the rest i save or change for money. If price of GHS drops and selling is not worth, i let my GHS mining as a permanent asset, which is generating another BITCOINS whith which i can trade. Today i got profit 0.9 BTC a month and still growing. Next i use Scrypt.cc where I apply the same principle. Next is EOBOT.com where is possible buying of GHS or KHS for many currencies just on 24 hours, And for exchange of BTC and other currencies i use LocalBitcoin If you choose, you'll be my referrals, I am willing to provide free advices on your mail. Email me at altcoinbuyer@gmail.com If you want earn an extra Bitcoins for free go here: Websites To Earn Free Bitcoins !!

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