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In the months since the original post, a lot has advanced in the scrypt ASIC world. There are indeed several parts either currently in the wild, or nearing shipping (allegedly) that will raise the hashrate of many a scrypt coin.


As to how this will affect these currencies, it's hard to say. There are a great number of scrypt coins out now, so if ASICS get put on small coins with very low hashrates, they'll take over a lot of the total mined coins for that currency, but that will also have the effect of strengthening the currency and speeding up the network.


The biggest question that I think is still uncertain is how many malicious miners there will be for the smaller networks. The KnC rigs are pretty powerful, so even one of those Titans on any given currency's network will be a huge hit, unless it's one of the big market coins.  Who knows if there will be some total jerks out there that will just sabotage a small network out of spite or something.  I guess we'll see.


More hashrate on a currency is a good thing for the currency though, but just harder on the smaller miners who want a share.

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