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  1. In the months since the original post, a lot has advanced in the scrypt ASIC world. There are indeed several parts either currently in the wild, or nearing shipping (allegedly) that will raise the hashrate of many a scrypt coin. As to how this will affect these currencies, it's hard to say. There are a great number of scrypt coins out now, so if ASICS get put on small coins with very low hashrates, they'll take over a lot of the total mined coins for that currency, but that will also have the effect of strengthening the currency and speeding up the network. The biggest question that I think is still uncertain is how many malicious miners there will be for the smaller networks. The KnC rigs are pretty powerful, so even one of those Titans on any given currency's network will be a huge hit, unless it's one of the big market coins. Who knows if there will be some total jerks out there that will just sabotage a small network out of spite or something. I guess we'll see. More hashrate on a currency is a good thing for the currency though, but just harder on the smaller miners who want a share.
  2. Oops, I see that this thread never got an updated after the new wallet was released. You can now get the latest version of the wallet for Windows, OSX and Linux pre-compiled on https://mincoin.io/ I think I'll lock this thread now. Thanks for that info, willy.
  3. Yeah, unfortunately, that's what happened. Sucks, but it does happen when trying to get in touch with so many places. Some of these sites & pools just seem to never check email or check up on their running wallet versions.
  4. It looks like your hashrate is registered as 0kh/s, so double-check your worker and make sure you're using proper credentials with the pool. Most pools have a "My workers" page where you can set up the worker and then you use the worker as a username. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you usually /must/ have at least one worker. Username format for GUIminer would be: "accountname.worker", but check the pool instructions to be sure. When your miner is running and shares are registering at the pool, you'll see your hashrate show up on the pool on that panel in your screenshot, but also on that My workers page.
  5. The text saying "bitcoin" still is due to that being a translated version of the wallet text. Much of the code is still keeping the original translations form the original bitcoin code. I'll make a point to go through all the translations and change simply the word "bitcoin" to "mincoin", but other than that, I can't personally do any more translations. Regarding the other issues, I really don't know how it works in depth, but I'll try to get the time to learn about it so I understand it better. This is after all, bitcoin code, so any project using this same code has the same issues, from what I understand. It's nothing that is unique to MinCoin. I'll see where we can look into this and address it somehow. I can't speak to any potential changes to the code though, as it's out of my league.
  6. I'm late to this thread, but FWIW, I don't see any troubles with his pool lately.
  7. This pool has been closed (or switched to another coin?) as of this writing, by the way.
  8. I've always been able to just ignore messages and resync behavior and keep on mining solo and it's worked fine. I know that's not the best response to this, but for now, it's been fine for me for over 6 months or something, so I can attest that it's not a critical issue. We do need to resolve this thoug, of course.
  9. Nice!! Great catch, L&S! This answers some other questions about other coins that have really small rewards for mining too, I think. Some of these sub-1coin mining reward currencies have really high fees if you move a lot around at a time and this concept totally should apply to that. My last time I saw this was with SolidCoin, where the block reward is only .05 each. When you send 10 coins even, it's a 30% fee or some craziness. That's due to the same Bitcoin code you're talking about. Right on, thanks for writing this up.
  10. All these wallets do indeed have a setting where you can specify the amount of fee to pay by default, so check for that setting. However, it's a part of the Bitcoin wallet code that has some sort of variability to the fees that I still don't really understand -- haven't researched the topic. That said, I don't know I've seen that sort of fees when transferring MNC, I don't think. It's been a while since I moved any around though, bag-holder that I am.
  11. Additionally, people have to trust pool operators to not doing any funky stuff, like skimming or botching withdrawals... or flat out shutting down and keeping their coins. It really does take some time to work up a bit of a reputation of reliability and trust. ...that said, a ton of people seem to sign up with pools blindly and throw hashrate around like it's expendable.
  12. Previous wallets were occasionally showing the LTC blockchain, but I thought the new wallet version fixed that issue. It's not really much of a problem overall, as it will get back on the proper chain with a restart, or on its own after a while, from my experience. You might try to try restarting it occasionally to see if it gets synced up quicker (this is a common workaround for most wallets for the various currencies, not just MNC). Also, do the addnode additions to your mincoin.conf file to see if that helps: http://mincoinforum.com/index.php/topic/27-creating-your-mincoinconf-file-adding-nodes-for-better-connection/ I suppose you could try to delete your peers.dat file and restart, but I'm not sure that's really going to be of any benefit. If you choose that route, do this: Shut down the MNC wallet; delete peers.dat; edit your mincoin.conf file as per the above link; start up the MNC wallet and see how it goes.
  13. It was funny, I got a long way through an explanation in a bunch more detail, but was getting interrupted so many times that I finally deleted it all and replaced it with "I'll leave out the specifics on how to do this...". LOL This would be a good general topic for a tutorial, yeah. This type of stuff is certainly not obvious for most folks messing with their wallets and backups. Some of the QT clients are starting to show up with multiple wallet capabilities, but I haven't seen how they work personally.
  14. Woot! I was no help at all, but glad you figured this out. I'll just add that you can change out a wallet.dat file (like if you have two different wallets with different balances -- not two backups, but two "accounts" with separate balances), you can load up an alternate wallet.dat file without doing any re-installation or blockchain re-download by using the --rescan command: *** Backup the current wallet.dat file (if you need it) first **** Put the wallet.dat file you want to restore into your Roaming directory as mentioned above and run the MinCoin QT wallet app with the "-rescan" command. I'll leave out the specifics of how to do this on your operating system, but you'll want to start the QT app from a command like like this: mincoin-qt.exe -rescan This will tell the app to start up and check through the full blockchain against your current wallet.dat and it will get everything updated accordingly. It takes a bit of time but it's much faster than reacquiring the blockchain. I'm really distracted with other stuff at the moment, so I hope I got this clear -- I was interrupted writing this at least 5 times.
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