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Disconnected for misbehavior


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    I have been monitoring my ~/.mincoin/debug.log and have observed many disconnections for misbehavior in a short period of time.

    MinCoin is the best Crypto Commodity and this should mean there are others who can help me figure out what is happening here.


    Without posting the IP addresses of the disconnected nodes, here is what I can safely report.


    Between 12/06/13 20:48:42 UTC and 12/07/13 18:35:54 UTC ( approximately 21 hours and 47 minutes ) there have been 1,055 messages similar to the following.


    12/07/13 18:35:54 Disconnected host:9333 for misbehavior (score=100)




    Since I am new to the scene and do not know what to expect, would someone be able to shed a little light onto this topic for me, please.


    Of the 1,055 disconnects; 954 of them were for nodes listening on port 9333. ( not sure if that matters )

    Further to this, I see "receive version message: version 70002" in the debug.log from some of those same IP addresses.


    I am using "protocolversion" 60002 as reported in the output from ' mincoin getinfo '.

    What should I make of all this?


Please advise,


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