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Hi, my pool worked with 200-300 khash and we found 2 block conrfirmed normal good (Y)

Today someone started mining at me with 5000 khash and from now we got 12 orphan block only.

How can i get normal and reduce orphan blocks. I think this isnt normal :/


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Ok that is strange, im going to be a bit blunt. Making a pool is not really something you should go and do right away in crypto without much experience. You have peoples funds in your control and should really be afraid to have anyones money in your hands if you don't know what you are doing. That being said i think its great to learn somehow. 


Second blunt thing to say is when you have any kind of problem you must be ever so specific about everything you can to help us deduct what the problem is or could be.

It is usually different for so many people due to so many different operating systems and memory and cpu and internet


You must come into a forum asking for help saying you have a problem and your specs are


1: operating system (eg ubuntu, derbian, centos, windows) and is it a server or desktop and what version the operating system is

2: how much ram you have

3: what cpu you are using (if you are using linux via ssh then put 

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i "model name" 

4: is the server a home computer or a proper vps or dedicated server.


I think either a couple things have gone wrong 1 its because of your low hashrate but i'm not convinced of this.


2 because your net is extremely bad


3 you don't have enough ram to run the server and programs so they lag to send data through the internet thus you're getting orphans


It could be so many things we just don't know so start by telling us at least those things first whenever you ask for help anywhere you should always give as much information as you can!


i have no problems helping you.

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Sooo the server running in ubuntu vm now. it have one quad core cpu 2.5 ghz server have 2 gb ram and the server is now at home, it will be put in server room, but now is see its useless yet. my net is not the best but the server useing max 5-10 kbyte/sec

i think server not lagging and have enought net.

If we run in low hash rate we find confirmed block ,but when i have 10x or more hashrate than we get orphans. I was checking server and web and nothing was lagging and net was enought as i saw.

if u wanna check come newbiepool.szimre.net

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Ok i'm almost certain the issue is ram. 2gb in my opinion is not enough and what is happening it is getting clogged up handling shares for miners and your front end site. When you get hit by more then a few mh it solves the block then because its clogged it doesn't broadcast the found block in time.


I came and hashed at your pool found a block and it wasn't broadcasted at all so then the next pool found that block and then yours about 3 mins later saw that it was orphan.


can you add these nodes to your .conf please you may not have enough connections and find out how man connections you have by running 



./mincoind getinfo

after that enter these nodes into your conf file 


get back to us when you have this info and added those nodes and ill hash on your pool again to see if it helped but i seriously think you have a ram problem


and maybe need to raise all of your ajax refresh intervals but lets try this after we get you some more connections and i hash on your pool again

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