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  1. For the third time now! The pool is up, has been the whole time for months now it just has no one hashing on it!
  2. Thats right kids a new and exciting exchange has been setup to start taking USD transfers and has now added MinCoin The owner of the site even named his child ATOMIC to symbolize how focused and confident he is with his trade engine becoming one of cryptos' finest exchanges So i am Extremely proud to announce that he added MinCoin Atomic Trade Exchange has a lotto which you are entered into each time you trade. It has chat banning, tipping other users, fun games and a great crowd. Atomic Trade Exchange has what they call ATP/BTC pair and its a user mined commodity, bound to the exchange and you use it for the games and different trader account upgrades and every part of the 6k ATP you hold by mining it through trading or chatting in the chat box; you get a payout based on the amount you hold relative to the amount in circulation at that time and the payout will be 40% of the exchanges trading fees generated. How cool is that right But most importantly it is on an exchange that is dealing with USD and this is fantastic news and a Milestone for MinCoin so feel free to celebrate on this wonderful achievement >>>>CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT<<<<
  3. Hey mate i like Dirty Summer House track and Noisy Beach House..tidy or dirty rather. Are you any good at glitch, i love glitch mob You can get the mac osx client form the main website mincoin.io by the way Good luck
  4. 501 members woooot topped the 500 milestone grats mincoinforum.com
  5. Nice contribution, you should add a donations addy to the contribution you post. I know its just a hack but someone might find it useful all the same Not that i don't find it useful...ugh *digs hole*
  6. Please go and answer for yourself in this thread And just for the record from someone who understands mining, this big hash will be running inefficiently and finding a ton of orphans too. In my opinion it is wasted hash, this is proven and is why so many profit switching pools and multipools are trying to come up with more dynamic code that will shift certain amounts of hash power but not tons of it for short periods but shift it for longer to secure their profit. I have worked for months with the profit switching pools (at least the English speaking ones) and they have all agreed not to touch the network for quite some time so imo this hash is someone random, or a pool in a country that does not advertise in our circles I have done this for free i have spent over 10k mincoin to bribe some of the more dense and stuck in their old beliefs pool ops to stay off our network to allow us to nurture it back to health so that miners may have a better chance at mining on the MinCoin network, so forgive me if i call you a clown for blasting your junk accusations all over bitcointalk cct and here because its just that "accusation"! Becasue frankly the notion you are pushing is so embaressing to yourself that i don't even care to explain it just yet, but push me and i will.
  7. Hi everyone i just want to start a topic of discussion about what you may like to see MinCoin do or not do in the near future please post what you would like to see done because the ideas are what defines MinCoin Personally i'm excited about the future prospects i have lined up with prypto.com and i will be working slowly at cementing that alliance and foundation I would like to see MinCoin abused less on exchanges due to inexperienced traders pumping and dumping it like all the other coins out there. I would also like so see MinCoin follow its path to be used as a superior store of wealth that spends fast like money. That is my goal and my focus, what is yours?
  8. Hey everyone this will be a thread you can all post your bugs that you have found and we the dev team will review the list and priorities the fixes So there is no format requirements just post bugs as you fine them
  9. Go by your miner but the pool is just calculating shares you have submitted over a ten minute period. Hash rates are not an exact science in some cases. In actual fact you are submitting shares not at one stable rate, you submit them slow fast slow fast and the hash rate on the pool correlates that your hash is going up and down because of the way shares are submitted but just for your minds sake go off what the miner says because at the end of the day you are submitting shares and they are being counted as a proportion of all shares sent to the pool for that block and you get paid accordingly The hashrate monitor needs time to counts shares over a certain period but does seem to fluctuate a lot and ill get someone to look into that for you
  10. Ok so as the subject says i'm going to head up a charity touting run for one specific purpose right now and not general charity run on a larger scale (we will do that in another thread) So what i'm trying to achieve here is this. I need a charity to add to this page cryptodonate.org That page is owned by Prypto https://prypto.com/?pg=qLS1s6rgzObZ3tXT2Q== They are a scratch card payment processing website..what this simply means is that company will now allow people to enter the Alt-Coin and Bitcoin space through paypal, ebay, service stations, charities and shops in even your own town ect. something that is not possible yet in this space, on the potential scale this could go and is extremely exciting and well setup and supported thus far. So it has a bright future and a complete ability to take cryptocoins offline! to be sold So back to the point what we need is a charity that we all like, to agree to take Mincoin for donations they will be sent Mincoin directly from the donation page when people redeem their cards ideally for Mincoin right now a charity that will accept any amount something like these guys https://www.songsforkidsfoundation.org/donations.asp will be ideal because some only accept upwards from $1000 and right now Mincoin wont be-able to handle such dumps of coins coming form a charity that only accepts $1000+ donations I personally would like to see a charity or charities be resellers for the cards making money form selling them firstly and then people will also be-able to donate to them also using those cards if they chose to Prypto has the potential to be huge for Cryptocoins and Mincoin in general so jump in and help out and lets get this charity up and people using Mincoin to fund them Post here if you have ideas contacts and want to help
  11. Hey all this is the new video spread it around and show/send it to your friends and email lists to spur conversation about Mincoin and teach people in a easy to watch informative way What do you think of the video and will you show it to friends and family? What ideas do you have for another video
  12. My client works fine on windows 8 64 bit Supporting it is not necessary or a high priority should i say right now because it works fine..are you having issues with running the client on win8 64 bit? if so what are they.
  13. Agreed, feel free to tout charities..here is a quick list of who accepts mincoin right now or who will http://altbetfair.com Bookie service http://minikaze.com/user/3010/qGux2VBPa3cZYOUD Betting game not tested but seems to be somewhat legit https://cryptothrift.com Accepts Mincoin you can buy or sell and receive Mincoin..starting a bit slow cause everything is mainly btc but it will catch on in a few months to a year and example..wdc has had one sale http://www.mincoinads.com Advertising on mcxnow.com the fastest most secure altcoin exchange in the world to date also home of Mincoin and only accepts Mincoin for payment of advertising space..simple and easy to purchase http://rapidballs.eu 5 minute lotto and Mincoin will be added there over the first weekend of march 2014 https://prypto.com/?pg=qLS1s6rgzObZ3tXT2Q== Is added but we dont have resellers yet and thats what we need to tout.because this is the first of its kind in Altcoin space and it will be an amazing service if we can get it to float..which it will
  14. There you go i can see you hashing now i'm glad you got it to work would you mind sharing your solution so others can problem solve with this thread in the future? if so i suggest just editing your op and put that you got it working by following the steps you did. thanks and happy hashing Btw i know why guiminer wasn't working..you were using sha-256 algo to mine and not scrypt..Mincoin is a scrypt coin not a sha-256 coin
  15. please try downloading and setting up sgminer http://www.reddit.com/r/litecoinmining/comments/1va8g2/ann_sgminer_400_release/
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