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Do you want to trade Mincoins to any coin of your choosing on a single exchange?

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Greetings Mincoin enthusiasts! Do you want to trade your Mincoins to any other altcoin whenever you want?
We at Nexxus Corp. are extremely excited to now be a part of the Mincoin community and we want you to help us make your coins worth more!  To do this, we need your input here and now! Would you like to see Mincoin added to The Nexxus Corp. exchange and market?  
For those of you that aren't familiar with who we are and what expectations we have for the future of altcoins, please feel free to join us in our free IRC channel, simply reply to this forum post, or drop into one of our social media hangouts!
IRC Chat channel: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=nexxus&uio=d4 Channel: #nexxus
The below images are some of the features we can offer to altcoins. Week by week the list of tools and functions grow, we are reaching out to the entire altcoin community and plan on providing the most unique and comprehensive coin market, exchange and wallet! Whether it be an idea or concept, all feedback will be viewed and acknowledged! We need your support! To show our support Nexxuscorp is here to make your ideas come to life.
The current highlighted features on Nexxuscorp.com depicted below:
New  - Chat
- Suggest a feature!
New  - Exchange
- Multi-wallet
- Market
- Profiles
face_plus_chat.jpgWe now support live chat which is integrated into every page on the Nexxus Protocol website.
request_a_featuer.jpgHere anyone may suggest their coin to our moderators, currently this feature uses a voting priority system.
exchange.jpgNow with more of a all-in-one style site, you may trade directly from one coin to another.
wallet.jpgOne of the first features completed, the multi-wallet.
market.jpgUse any of the supported coins that have been added to the site to trade for material goods.
rules.jpgSimple and to the point!


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