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  1. I've got some vouchers to giveaway too
  2. Curious as to how you came up with the order of these exchanges? check out exchangewar.info
  3. Thanks a lot ST! Happy Festivus! Hopefully all is well? MTUt7AeLZwQXLzv6nyMPezkS7R9v3QmCx9
  4. So after testing this for a few days now I have to say I'm pretty impressed! I was thinking since they're in Germany that I might have some issues with speed but I was wrong. I've not experienced any lag at all
  5. Good service they need to have an option to choose the country you're from lol apparently germans can't view half the stuff that we can where i'm at Glad I'm not in china!
  6. How To "Back Up & Restore" Your "wallet.dat" This guide is for newer members to the crypto community It's the easiest method of keeping a wallet backup Make sure your wallet is updated to the current block To create your 'back up' file: 1: Click 'Backup Wallet' from the 'file menu' 2: Choose a file name for the 'Backup file': (Any name is fine mncwallet.dat, mnc.dat.... etc. as long as you rename the file wallet.dat when/if you need to restore it) 3: Save the file in any file location: (for this guide i'm showing you how to save to desktop, a flashdrive or two is safer than a pc thats online) STEP: 1 STEP: 2 Step: 3 Restoring the backup file Step: 1 Step: 2 Step: 3 Step: 4 There are more advanced ways to back up your wallet like paper wallet's and importing/exporting your private keys But this is the method I've been using for a while now and has yet to fail me and even SAVED my butt!!! In a couple situations with the Bitcoin-QT where I thought all was lost!!! NOTE: You can make a backup of the wallet.dat file by copying and pasting it from it's folder location but I've read from numerous dev's that it's not 100% safe compared to saving through the wallet GUI. Keeping a backup file updated often is the only way to ensure 99.999% of it usefuleness in the rare occasion you may need it. Wallet.dat Back-up & Restore Guide
  7. So this has only been a start page for a couple months, any word on this pool being active at any point?
  8. Here's one of the couple version's of cgminer I've been keeping up with. You can usually find the dev on irc or gtihub http://k-dev.net/cgminer/
  9. Here's a slightly more accurate graph of the network hashrate over the past few months! Lots of multipools online vs many months ago.
  10. Here's a nice little explanation of stale and orphaned blocks http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/5859/what-are-orphaned-and-stale-blocks
  11. I can't believe nobody has responded to this thread yet! This is incredible news! Hopefully atomic-trade can hold it's own vs the other exchanges that have come out recently that haven't done so well.
  12. So many people adding mincoin its quite the task to keep up with! Good stuff though
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