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Charity Tout Run

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Ok so as the subject says i'm going to head up a charity touting run for one specific purpose right now and not general charity run on a larger scale (we will do that in another thread)


So what i'm trying to achieve here is this. I need a charity to add to this page


That page is owned by Prypto



They are a scratch card payment processing website..what this simply means is 

that company will now allow people to enter the Alt-Coin and Bitcoin space through paypal, ebay, service stations, charities and shops in even your own town ect.

something that is not possible yet in this space, on the potential scale this could go and is extremely exciting and well setup and supported thus far.

So it has a bright future and a complete ability to take cryptocoins offline! to be sold


So back to the point what we need is a charity that we all like, to agree to take Mincoin for donations

they will be sent Mincoin directly from the donation page when people redeem their cards

ideally for Mincoin right now a charity that will accept any amount something like these guys https://www.songsforkidsfoundation.org/donations.asp

will be ideal because some only accept upwards from $1000 and right now Mincoin wont be-able to handle such dumps of coins coming form a charity that only accepts $1000+ donations


I personally would like to see a charity or charities be resellers for the cards making money form selling them firstly and then people will also be-able to donate to them also using those cards if they chose to


Prypto has the potential to be huge for Cryptocoins and Mincoin in general so jump in and help out and lets get this charity up and people using Mincoin to fund them

Post here if you have ideas contacts and want to help :)




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