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Pool Hashrate much lower than GUIMiner reported hashrate?

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Hey I am new to crytpocurrencies and mining in genereal.


I am using GUIMiner and it is connecting and working


Using an HD 6870.  my GUIMiner is reporting about 300kh


on the pool Im on ( https://pool.mincoin.io )


it is saying I am only at 80-100kh.


Can someone help me out with why this may be and how I would go about fixing it? Here is a pic of my GUIMiner settings



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hmm weird


The higher I set my intensity, the higher the khash on GUIMiner says and the quicker the Shares go up.  but the Khash on the pool doesnt correlate.


For instance, when I have intensity at 18, GUI Miner is saying 300khash and shares are risiing very fast but pool says like 150khash.


When I drop my intensity to something extreme like 8.  it tells me 20kash on GUIMiner and shares are going up pretty slow but then the pool is telling me I am going at 160-200 hashrate.


Which number should I be going by? The GUIMiner khash or the poolkhash? or whichever has shares going up the quickest?

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Go by your miner but the pool is just calculating shares you have submitted over a ten minute period.


Hash rates are not an exact science in some cases.


In actual fact you are submitting shares not at one stable rate, you submit them slow fast slow fast and the hash rate on the pool correlates that your hash is going up and down because of the way shares are submitted

but just for your minds sake go off what the miner says because at the end of the day you are submitting shares and they are being counted as a proportion of all shares sent to the pool for that block and you get paid accordingly

The hashrate monitor needs time to counts shares over a certain period but does seem to fluctuate a lot and ill get someone to look into that for you

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