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Hi everyone i just want to start a topic of discussion about what you may like to see MinCoin do or not do in the near future

please post what you would like to see done because the ideas are what defines MinCoin


Personally i'm excited about the future prospects i have lined up with prypto.com and i will be working slowly at cementing that alliance and foundation

I would like to see MinCoin abused less on exchanges due to inexperienced traders pumping and dumping it like all the other coins out there.


I would also like so see MinCoin follow its path to be used as a superior store of wealth that spends fast like money. That is my goal and my focus, what is yours?

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Continued efforts to be listed on as many exchanges as possible.  

There is the obvious benefit of exposure -- I'm sure some people pick their coins based on what their favourite exchange carries, and I also think it might help mitigate pump-and-dump attempts.

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