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Verified LLC & FinCEN Approved USD Exchange, PRYPTO And MINCOIN Partner Up

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Thats right kids a new and exciting exchange has been setup to start taking USD transfers and has now added MinCoin

The owner of the site even named his child ATOMIC to symbolize how focused and confident he is with his trade engine becoming one of cryptos' finest exchanges

So i am Extremely proud to announce that he added MinCoin    :)


Atomic Trade Exchange has a lotto which you are entered into each time you trade. It has chat banning, tipping other users, fun games and a great crowd.

Atomic Trade Exchange has what they call ATP/BTC pair and its a user mined commodity, bound to the exchange and you use it for the games and different trader account upgrades and every part of the 6k ATP you hold by mining it through trading or chatting in the chat box; you get a payout based on the amount you hold relative to the amount in circulation at that time and the payout will be 40% of the exchanges trading fees generated.

How cool is that right    :)


But most importantly it is on an exchange that is dealing with USD and this is fantastic news and a Milestone for MinCoin so feel free to celebrate on this wonderful achievement



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I can't believe nobody has responded to this thread yet!  This is incredible news!   :)


Hopefully atomic-trade can hold it's own vs the other exchanges that have come out recently that haven't done so well.

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