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MinCoin Trading Volume Surges @ TradeSatoshi Altcoin Exchange!


In the past 24hrs the MinCoin/Bitcoin [MNC/BTC] market at Tradesatoshi.com has seen a huge surge

in buy-side volume. Trading over 2.4btc [roughly $15,500usd] and over 440K MinCoin exchanging hands!

This is by far the largest increase in MinCoin trading volume on TradeSatoshi.com we have seen since it's

initial listing just two short weeks ago! The volume surge was enough to catapult MinCoin into 3rd place

for the bitcoin listed markets!



You can keep an eye on all the MinCoin Trading Action at the following Tradesatoshi.com markets:

MinCoin/Bitcoin Trading

MinCoin/Litecoin Trading

MinCoin/Dogecoin Trading


Stay tuned for more exciting market action and mincoin developments!


MinCoin, The World's Fastest & Rarest Cryptocommodity!

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3 hours ago, Mike said:

Hi, just started taking note of mincoin and think it has the potential to do very well based on the low number of coins in circulation. Would i be correct in saying that the exchange it now trades on (trdaesatoshi) is the first and only trade site it has been listed on?


Hello Mike and Welcome to MinCoin! Glad to have you here!

Yes MinCoin was designed to have a more limited amount of coins than most cryptocurrencies as it tends to highlight the commodity aspect of cryptos.

As for trading on exchanges; MinCoin has traded in the past on the following exchanges [all of which have since gone away for one reason or another]:

1. mcxNOW

2. Cryptsy

3. Atomic-trade

4. banx.io

Currently TradeSatoshi.com is the only exchange MinCoin is listed on. We do have plans to add get listed on at least 1 more if not 2 more exchanges before

the end of this year.

Mike please take a look around and don't be afraid to ask questions :)


MinCoin, The World's Rarest & Fastest Cryptocommodity!

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