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  1. Mincoin is going to be a top 10 coin! #MNC #MinCoin
  2. MinCoin is still 62% un-mined virgin coin! Fire up your miners! Get that hash pointed at the worlds #1 high speed RARE altcoin! MinCoin #MNC #Mincoin
  3. MinCoin is going to be a Top 100 Cryptocurrency in the next couple months! Glad to see this beautiful project over on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/mincoin/
  4. MinCoin project is now in 2nd place, 6 hours of voting left! please support the project and vote for MinCoin to get listed on Tradesatoshi!
  5. Very excited to see one of the worlds great altcoins coming back to a trading exchange!
  6. Chicago, all of your hard work is appreciated. there are some whispers that you might be rolling out a new client? any word on that?? looking forward to more of your great work! Mr. Mincoin
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