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[BOUNTY] Verilog/VHDL tutor

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I am offering a 100 MNC bounty to the person who successfully:


1) Finds a VHDL/Verilog engineer on a forum, in person, via linkedin or craigslist etc

2) Has that person email me their resume

3) Has that person agree to tutoring me for some defined period of time. I can pay in USD and the lessons can be via skype or in person in the eastern seaboard region.


Happy hunting!

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100 MNC, this is worth a try.


Will just have to learn what VHDL/Verilog is first haha.


I hope so! 100 MNC for finding someone of quality shows how hard it is to track someone down :)


Verilog and VHDL are two "Hardware Description Languages (HDLs)" that are used to design FPGAs and ASICs. Most people who know how to use them are working in aerospace or computing or other "hard" engineering firms, so it is usually best done on a word-of-mouth basis or through a specialist forum.


So, if you track someone down who has:

A) Time

B ) Skills

C) Reasonable price

D) Proximity to me/willingness to use Skype


Then it will probably work!


Thanks in advance mate :)

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